What Is The WordPress Dashboard

What is the WordPress dashboard What is the WordPress dashboard

Before we go further with the WordPress,
let’s see first what is the WordPress dashboard.
Besides being your best friend in your online endeavors,
the WordPress dashboard is your back office.
You manage everything from here.
Your content, site’s appearance, layout, plugins.
Everything related to your site.
I suggest getting started our tour right away!




Log in page

What is the WordPress dashboard

To use your dashboard, you have to log into your WordPress blog. You can do that from the WordPress site (as shown in the image) or if you are a Wealthy Affiliate member,  just click on the Log In buttonWhat is the WordPress dashboard






What is on the other side?

I feel that the best way to get you closer to the WordPress dashboard and not to repeat myself from the WordPress page where I described a WordPress platform, is to divide a story about it into three parts:

  1. Technical part of a dashboard
  2. Creating content with tools provided within the WP dashboard
  3. Making your site beautiful – done from this excellent back office


The technical part of a dashboard

There is one thing that is imperative for you to know. Kyle and Carson (co-founders and owners of the Wealthy Affiliate) do all the technical jobs (hosting, installing the most necessary plugins). That’s why at this time, I will only introduce you (very shortly) to the features that you will learn how to use through the training. Some of them I plan to cover in details in my future posts within my blog.

But let’s see what are they:

  • WP section
    Features an introduction video about the WordPress, link to the original site, a documentation where you can find all the lessons about using this amazing site builder, support forums, and a feedback.
  • A dashboard home button
    Features the most important updates of your site, it shows the exact number of published posts, pages, and comments. A draft section from where you can manage your draft content and create a new one.  SEO and WordPress news. Also, all the updates notifications will appear here.
  • All in One SEO
    When comes to All in One SEO plugin, I feel that I was ”chosen” to learn with ease since Kyle has covered this part with a training.
    I will most likely get back to this part in some other post about SEO.
    For now, this is all you need to know.
    Kyle got your back!


Creating a content with tools provided within the WP dashboard

The most beautiful advantage of being a Wealthy Affiliate member is that, as soon as you choose your niche, and find your domain name, you can start creating your very own brand new site. As I said before, you don’t have to think about programming, hosting, protecting your site from the spammers and scammers. You absolutely don’t have to google about site health and search for the main plugins. Everything is already done for you!

Then, what is your job?

  • To choose one of 2000 WordPress themes
  • To create a new page or post
  • Find images which relate to your content
  • Create menus and publish your pages/posts within those menus.

As a Wealthy Affiliate member, you will have an amazing training that will lead you through the process of creating a quality content step by step. So don’t worry, Kyle got your back here too 🙂



Making your site beautiful – done from this awesome back office

To be honest, this is my favorite part!
When I say that I mean, sometimes I spend more than 3 hours changing, rearranging, designing and lately even programming my site’s layout.
I want it to be perfect! And just aiming the perfection I always have what to change on it.

Trust me, this is so much fun when you have tools like following ones:

  • Widgets – Those are features which you can see in my sidebar and in a pre-footer area.
    (A calendar, customized images, the Live traffic feed, A Flag counter, Contact section, A free website builder)
  • Plugins – Those are extras which serve to improve performance and an appearance of your site
    (Social media share icons, Translator, different side effects, decorations, font styles)
  • Media
    (Images, videos, and audios)
  • HTML coding – A perfect replacement for some plugins
    (Font style, font size, theme layout, the Live traffic feed and a Flag counter are compatible to my widgets because they were made in the HTML)
  • Grammarly – A wonderful tool, grammar and spell checker, very good for everyone, especially for those like me who are not native English speakers.



As we have come to the end of this post I hope that now is clearer what is the WordPress dashboard and what you will be using it for. I will keep posting about the WordPress tools and benefits you have as a Wealthy Affiliate member.

So please, stay tuned!

If you have any comments,  questions, concerns, suggestions, please feel free to type them down in the comments section.
I will be more than happy to interact with you and share my further experience at the Wealthy Affiliate.

You can also reach me on My Wealthy Affiliate Profile. 

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  1. Simon says:

    Hi Sunny,
    Great post regarding the WordPress Dashboard.

    When I first arrived through Wealthy Affiliate’s doors I was expecting having to learn a load of technical jargon and coding but that’s not the case, it’s so straightforward and I was a complete newbie.

    WordPress have made their website suite so user friendly any one who wants to set a website up and run an online business these days has the same potential is the most experienced bloggers out there.

    I love the Live Traffic Feed Widget. I can see myself visiting on there – Superb.

    All the best,

    • Sunny says:

      It’s so easy right?!
      And the Live Traffic Feed Widget is amazing! It shows all the visitors, where they come from and which browser they use. All in details. And it’s for free 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, Simon 🙂


    • Michelle says:

      Lovely article. I never knew so much about WordPress. Thanks for taking the time to ‘break it down’!

      I like the widgets area – it gives you ‘carte blanche’ to decorate your website as you like it. I am still learning to make this ‘personal’ and effective – just like you said – ‘trail and error’.

      I am going to check out the Traffic Feed – it seems rather cool.

      All in all, WordPress is a easy platform to start any one on their online experience as a small business owner.

      Much success

      • Sunny says:

        Me neither. All that I know now I own to Wealthy Affiliate. And it’s so simple, right? Once you get to know all the features you are fine. I still get to discover new WerdPress tools and options on a daily basis.

        The Traffic Feed is great! I love it! Let me know what you think.

      • Grace | Work Anywhere Now says:

        This is a great little walk through of what WordPress is for new beginners like you and I were. Everyone has to start at the beginning and providing this info to them will give them head start!

        I wish I had this when I was beginning! 😉

        Thanks for the post Sunny!

        • Sunny says:

          That’s exactly what is my site about. I provide information I couldn’t find before. All that I know now I own to Wealthy Affiliate and I want people to have access to each and every moment of my experience so that they can have a clear picture of our great community.
          Thanks for your comment and testimony.

        • Odd Helge Hveding says:

          Thank you,

          nice introduction to the backoffice of WordPress. Your explanations are so good, I love them.

          I’m sure that your people love all the help you provide them, so I would recommend everyone reading this to follow your example.

          Thanks Sunny 🙂

          all the best from

          Odd Helge

          • Sunny says:

            Thanks Odd 🙂 I really appreciate your kindness and your feedback. My aim is to be as precise and simple as possible and to show to my readers what I have learned and what’s my experience. That’s what Wealthy Affiliate teaches me 🙂

            Leave a Reply