What Is The Best Way To Make Money Online

What is the best way to make money onlineThe best way to make money online is to become a successful affiliate marketer. You need a good, legit school or company which provides knowledge and tools up to date.

I am going to walk you through the process of making money as an affiliate marketer for the
Wealthy Affiliate University. 

When you join the Wealthy Affiliate University, your primary focus here is learning about online marketing and creating a stable long-term business with a strong foundation.


Affiliate marketing and how does it work?

There are only a few steps to make money as an affiliate marketer:

  • Find an audience and something interesting to write about
  • Create a website in that particular niche
  • Find affiliate programs and promote products related to your niche
  • When your visitors buy a product you recommended, those affiliate programs pay you commission


Why I chose the affiliate marketing?

I used to work as a marketer in several MLM companies, and although I was successful in those, I didn’t like depending on the people and their decision.

In an affiliate marketing, I don’t have to make people buy something.
I just share 
my experience. If my audience likes the products I recommend and someone decides to buy something through my links I have nothing with sales. The affiliate program pays me a commission for referring. 

If my audience doesn’t like my recommendation, again good. If nothing, I practice writing in English and working on the site creation.


Courses in the Wealthy Affiliate University

The lessons in both courses are all about the online marketing and creating a website on a particular niche.

What is the best way to make money online
As a complete newbie, I wasn’t ready to work on the online marketing lessons and my ideas which had to be unique and suggestive. 

I decided to start all over again, this time with the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp which actually produce content for me while going through the lessons and gaining an experience in online marketing which I share on this site.

What is the best way to make money online


Why chose Wealthy Affiliate affiliate marketing?

If you, as my audience, like what I write, you will check for yourself, become a student of the Wealthy Affiliate as well, maybe go premium and I will get a commission from the Wealthy Affiliate for referring you to them.

What is the best way to make money online

But even if you don’t go premium, I lost nothing. By sharing my experience and creating this site, I am learning so much, and getting ready for the other course.

I can imagine how easier will be to build a business on my chosen niche once when I understand how all of this work.


Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program walk through

Kyle provided an excellent video. I recommend to watch it. The video covers everything about:


What is the best way to make money online


Down below is a comment section. I would love to hear about your online and marketing experience. If you have any questions, I encourage you to ask. Hope to hear from you. Free counters!


  1. Damien says:

    Great Page. I also joined Wealthy Affiliate, and that is an excellent way to start making money in a legit way. I lose nothing to try it out. I appreciated your Post.

    • Sunny says:

      Thanks, Damien,
      I appreciate your time and comment. Thank you for your testimonial on the value Wealthy Affiliate has.

      I wish you much success with your business 🙂

    • JohnV says:

      Another good post, with a wealth of great information. You really do provide value for anyone new to the online world, so I am sure your efforts will be appreciated.

      • Sunny says:

        Thank you, John, for stopping by and for your comment.
        I found that sharing my experience at the Wealthy Affiliate is the best way to show people what this place is about.

      • TomasB says:

        Hello Sunny,your website looks great and is very informative and educational. Keep up the good work.

        • Sunny says:

          Hi TomasB,
          Thank you so much for your kind comment 🙂

        • mike says:

          Hi Sunny!
          You’ve got a wonderful website – it is thorough and clear about WA and how it all works. Showing people what it is all about, instead of telling them, is by far the best approach and you seem to have a good handle on that!

          Kudos on what you’ve done! Keep up the good work!

          • Sunny says:

            Hi Mike,
            Thank you so much for your kind comment. I appreciate that.
            I am trying to show as much as I can, I find that way more legit 🙂

            Best of luck to you too 🙂

          • EC says:

            Love this!!! This information makes me want to dig right in to these courses. There is so much to learn and to find a legitimate way to make an income online is so important. Thank you for a great introduction to a wonderful place to learn.
            I like the live traffic feed. That is a nice touch. You do very well with your writing in English. What is your first language?

            • Sunny says:

              Thank you so much!
              I am so happy to hear that you got inspired 🙂
              The live traffic feed is an awesome tool! It makes me feel good and proud every time I visit my website myself 🙂 My first language is Serbian 🙂 Thanks for the kind words.


            • Anh Nguyen says:

              Hey Sunny,

              I am a big fan of Wealthy Affiliate and glad to see that you are too. I agree with you that in order to succeed online, or anywhere else, the education part is so important. And I learned a lot of things from Wealthy Affiliate, truth be told, I almost wasn’t sure if I can make money online at all, and now I know it’s possible. 🙂

              Thanks for sharing!


              • Sunny says:

                Hey Anh,

                Yes, it’s possible for sure! When you find a legit program, awesome community like the Wealthy Affiliate is and great tools making money is the only thing that happens next 😀

                Much success to you Anh!


              • Shashinth says:

                Hello Sunny,

                This is awesome. What a great post! I too joined wealthy affiliate. It is truly the best way to make money online.
                I have lost lots of money with the online scams out there before I joined WA. I am happy that finally I found the correct platform. Wealthy Affiliate truly works!


                • Sunny says:

                  Hi Shashinth,
                  I am glad that you are the Wealthy Affiliate member too. It’s sad that we all go through the scams first and then we find the Wealthy Affiliate. But it’s a good feeling too when you know how it looks like when you are scammed and then when you find the legit program 🙂

                  I wish you much success!

                • Simon says:

                  The reason I like affiliate marketing is that you have no stock to purchase and room to hold it.
                  There are no packaging duties and the time this takes plus the costs it takes to complete and post.
                  Also, favourable to most is not having any returns to deal with either and this provides you with the time to keep creating content to maintain your high rankings.
                  I adore this role, hope you do too.

                  • Sunny says:

                    Oh yes, that’s the right reason! You just need to promote and don’t have to prove yourself as a good sales person 🙂
                    I love that part! And also to mention the great feeling of making a passive income afterward. That’s the beauty of the affiliate marketing.
                    I got reminded one more time how lucky I am to have found the Wealthy Affiliate to teach me all of these!!!

                    Thanks Simon for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

                  • Michelle says:

                    Hello Sunny,
                    Great read! I love the flow of your article – so easy and non-demanding. You want your audience to be informed and allow them to make their own decision. Yes, as a Wealthy Affiliate member, I could not agree more. Being a member has taught me so much, there is no stopping me now – so much to learn…and to earn. Much success to you.

                    • Sunny says:

                      That’s right! I’d love if I was lucky to find the Wealthy Affiliate before I was scammed and disappointed. But it’s all good now 🙂 It’s never too late!
                      That’s why my mission here is to share this wonderful experience and get people on the right side of the online marketing.
                      I wish you much success! And yes, I will definitely see you in Las Vegas!

                    • Grace | Work Anywhere Now says:

                      I truly believe this is a great online business to be in, affiliate marketing. 🙂 When you add Wealthy Affiliate to this, you’re on a path to success that will not fail.

                      The teachings there and the techniques shown are the best! Their lessons and classrooms available is well worth their membership and more. As well, you can have your sites hosted there, which is included in the membership price.

                      The other best thing about joining Wealthy Affiliate is the community! Without it, I wouldn’t be where I am with my site today!!

                      Thanks for your detailed analysis! It’s all true!

                      • Sunny says:

                        Thanks, Grace, for stopping by and taking a time to drop your opinion and experience here. I really appreciate you. And that says a lot about our community at the Wealthy Affiliate 🙂

                      • Sean Thomas says:

                        Hi Sunny,

                        Another great and honest review. It seems that many of us have been through the scam mill and eventually found an honest program in Wealthy Affiiate. Briiliant that you are promoting a positive way forward for your readers who have been victims of scams before.

                        Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go


                        • Sunny says:

                          Unfortunately or fortunately, yes we went through the scams before we have learned how to recognize the legit one 🙂
                          I really appreciate the Wealthy Affiliate as one excellent university for online business!

                          I wish you much success, Sean 🙂

                        • MontaM says:

                          Great work, I think you have described Wealthy Affiliate in an honest and understandable way. If I didn’t know what this was, I would totally look into this as your review is very promising. 🙂
                          Thank you for information and good luck with your learning! 🙂

                          • Sunny says:

                            Thanks, Monta,
                            I am so happy to hear that you got inspired by my post.
                            Good luck to you as well and much success 🙂


                          • Odd Helge Hveding says:

                            Hi Sunny,

                            you’re so right, Wealthy Affiliate have the best training there is for newbies and as you say, the pressure is only on your presentation and not on the “having to make them buy” – mentality.

                            I just love the way you present this material, maybe I have to join once more… lol

                            thank you Sunny

                            all the best

                            Odd Helge

                            • Sunny says:

                              Lol that’s funny Odd.
                              And makes me smile knowing you would join through my presentation. That kinda means I did a great job lol

                            • James says:

                              You know, there are some people who are so negative about Wealthy Affiliate because they think (incorrectly) that they MUST promote Wealthy Affiliate if they’re a member.

                              So wrong, because you do not HAVE TO promote Wealthy Affiliate. The affiliate program for WA is only for those who WANT to promote it and that is because they love it as much as I do.

                              Any niche is covered at WA. ANY niche!!! You can learn how to promote cat collars from Amazon, or RC Nano Drones, you can learn to promote kids story books, or hand tools. You can promote anything, and you do NOT have to promote Wealthy Affiliate. That’s a major difference between affiliate marketing and MLM.

                              Most MLM companies insist that you buy their products to give you the “privilege” of promoting it.

                              That’s why I believe MLM is a scam.


                              • Sunny says:

                                Wow Jimbo what a great comment! Thank you so so much for your testimony and share!!! Love it!
                                I used to work for some MLM companies and it was pretty hard to get to the top. Even though I was very successful in it, I have to admit that the Wealthy Affiliate system is much much better, although you are on your own all the time. Even in good MLM companies, you need to be lucky to get a good supervisor, and here at the Wealthy Affiliate you are your own boss!!!

                                I also chose to promote the Wealthy Affiliate for the same reason you do, but also, I feel that I am getting ready for promoting my other passions too!!!

                                Thanks again 🙂

                                Leave a Reply