What Is Grammarly For

What is grammarly for Grammarly is a great tool I have been using for a while in
my online work. You will find here what is Grammarly for and why is useful to have it installed on your computer.

Product Name: Grammarly 
Website: www.grammarly.com
Overall Ranking: 8.88/10
Owners: Alex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn
CEO: Brad Hoover

Price: Free Week of Premium
              Monthly Plan: $37.95   $29.95
              Quarterly Plan $24.98  $19.98 – Billed as one payment $59.95
              Annual Plan     $14.58   $11.66 – Billed as one payment $139.95

Grammarly is a free spelling and grammar checker which corrects your mistakes whatever you type on your computer, in English of course. It is a great tool for the Word Press, Microsoft Office, Yahoo, Gmail, Facebook and everything else where you type in English.

It corrects mistakes and also suggests a better choice of words, a form of the sentence, reminds when some word is overused. If you write a lot, this will be a very useful review for you.


Who is Grammarly for?

Non-English speakers
I heard for Grammarly when I started creating a lot of content for my site powered by the
Wealthy Affiliate, University for online business. As I am from Serbia, Serbian is my native language and English is only the second language, not even official in my country. I got to study the English language at my elementary school, high school and later during my graduate. 

As an online marketer, English is the language I use to build my sites and communicate with my visitors. In the beginning, I was paying a lot of attention to my writing, but later on, I became much more relaxed, and I couldn’t see my mistakes so clear anymore. My fellow friends from the Wealthy Affiliate reminded me that I should pay attention a little bit on my grammar. They suggested Grammarly and told me that it helped them a lot too.

English native speakers
I asked even on Facebook if there was some free tool which I could use and I got the same suggestion. Grammarly. I got that suggestion from one American friend who has been using it too. She said that no matter how much she knows grammar rules and spelling, this tool is always with her 🙂

Grammarly is literally for everyone who types and uses computer or laptop. For all age groups, and all educational levels.


How to sign up for Grammarly?

It is a very simple process. You just need to click on the link which will take you to the sign-up page. You will need your e-mail address. And that’s all. Notice that you won’t need any credit card number to open a free account.

After you register, it will lead you to the next step, and that is an installation of the program on your computer. That will take a couple of minutes, and your Grammarly will be ready to use.

what is grammarly forYou will notice this little button in the upper corner on the right side of your screen. You will need to click on that button to activate your Grammarly.


Grammarly PROS

Free membership
That’s awesome, right! You get to try this tool for free! You have nothing to lose. And trust me, in fact, you will get so much from it. 

Easy to install
It’s a quick and easy process of activating this excellent tool on your computer

Easy to use
Within just a few minutes you will get how to use it. Nothing more simple. Check this. If there is something within your text that needs correction, you will notice the green button with a red number or yellow mark on it. And the word that needs a correction will be underlined with the red or yellow line. I will explain a difference between yellow and red marks later.
You just need to click on that button, and you will get everything explained, what and why you need to correct each of those underlined words.

what is grammarly for

As  you can see in the image:
There are 
two critical issues in red color and four advanced issues in yellow. Red is for free starter membership which you can use forever, and yellow is for those who have premium. And there is something great about premium membership I will tell you what in just a few minutes.


Grammarly CONS

what is grammarly forIt is not mobile friendly 

It doesn’t like some common kinds of speech:  passive voice, preposition at the end of the sentence. Writing online articles should be as natural as possible, and I use a passive voice so many times, and I don’t get why Grammarly doesn’t like it. However, you can always ignore it by clicking on ”This was useful” option when Grammarly takes that as your choice.  

It messes up the new tab option 
If I have images and links included in my content and use Grammarly after I organize them to open in a new tab, after using it, I have to go again through all my links and images to click on the new tab button again. 


 Grammarly premium membership for free

It’s great that Grammarly can be used for free till the end of time.
But not just that. By signing up here, you will get your
7 days premium for free. And since they have an affiliate program, this link is an affiliate link, and by signing up you will become my referral, and I will get a free 7 days premium package.

When you start using it, you will get your affiliate link too and will be able to extend your premium membership as long as you share your link further. Isn’t that great?



If you are ready to upgrade directly to premium membership without earning your free Grammarly premium weeks, there is a sale going on now:

Monthly Plan: $37.95    $29.95

Quarterly Plan: 
$24.98  $19.98 – Billed as one payment $59.95

Annual Plan:
    $14.58   $11.66 – Billed as one payment $139.95


 My final opinion

It is totally legit! The best way to make sure that my writing is in good shape. I’ve been using a premium account for a while already, and I will probably use it forever 🙂


Product Name: Grammarly 
Website: www.grammarly.com
Overall Ranking: 8.88/10
Owners: Alex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn
CEO: Brad Hoover

Price: Free Week of Premium
              Monthly Plan: $37.95   $29.95
              Quarterly Plan $24.98  $19.98 – Billed as one payment $59.95
              Annual Plan     $14.58   $11.66 – Billed as one payment $139.95

If you have any further questions or comments, please, don’t hesitate to leave them in a comment section below.


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  1. Simon says:

    Thanks for review on Grammarly, I’ve never heard of that but as you say, if your native tongue isn’t English this is superb.
    It is surprising to me that this isn’t your language as your writing comes across very well. Certainly better than I write and most other blogs I read these days.
    I use a dictionary up in my toolbar for synonyms on a regular basis to try and not use the same word over again. You see, I’m still learning English and this is my native tongue.
    Your articles read very well,

    • Sunny says:

      Aw thanks, Simon. You have no idea how much means to me to hear something like that from someone like you. It makes me having even more self-confidence.
      Thank you so much for the kind words.
      For the Grammarly, you should try it. It’s great for native English speakers too. 🙂


    • Michelle says:

      Hello Sunny,

      Lovely post about Grammarly. I have heard about them but not registered/or created an account. Your review has made me a believer.

      As a non-English native speaker, you do ‘pretty darn well’…and I think Grammarly might have helped but I don’t think that much. You have to have a good base or I guess your WHOLE article would be showing red…lol.

      You seem to have a handle on it. Keep talking.

      Much success and I will be looking into it.


      • Sunny says:

        Hi Michelle,
        Grammarly helped me a lot, but I also have a very good knowledge. I had English in school as a mandatory class (even though is not an official language in Serbia). I used to speak in English only when attending some acting workshop. Then I got hired by the Carnival Cruise Line and that was the place where I’ve learned and improved my English.
        Thank you so much for your kind support. That means to me a lot 🙂


      • Grace | Work Anywhere Now says:

        I had heard about Grammarly but haven’t looked into it. It looks like a great program for those who need help with their English grammar – whether they are just learning English or someone who’s been speaking English all their live but their grammar isn’t great. 🙂

        It’s always good to double check your grammar in a program like that regardless of how much English you know because you may never know what you’ve missed!

        Thanks for the detailed review on Grammarly, I’ve learned so much!

        • Sunny says:

          Grammarly is a great option for everyone! It helped me a lot and I believe to many as well. I love the fact I can go premium just by referring it to my friends which go premium just by signing up with my link. Isn’t that awesome? 🙂

          You can also try it. It’s good even for those like you being perfect in writing but sometimes there are some small typing mistakes made in hurry. Grammarly catches that right away and doesn’t let you ignore it 😉

          Thanks again for stopping by.

        • MontaM says:

          I had an idea to write a review about Grammarly too, as I have been using it for some while now. I am on free trial and for now, it works fine for me. It’s a great tool, truly, as it is so easy to mistype something and skip a comma, even if you are a native English speaker. I see so many bad articles out there written by someone who is native English speaker, it’s a shame really they use their language that bad and don’t know about Grammarly.
          Great information, Sunny!
          Good luck to you! 🙂

          • Sunny says:

            Thanks Monta, I am so grateful for your comment. Grammarly is a very helpful tool to everyone. I have less mistakes since I have been using it. I encourage you to write a review since they have an affiliate program too.

            Best of luck to you!!!


          • James says:

            Even though I pride myself on my writing skills when I installed Grammarly free edition I realized that my writing did have a few mistakes with punctuation such as commas not being used in the right place.

            Now I use it every day, because it’s free and easy to use and it spots so many mistakes that I have to proof read less often.

            • Sunny says:

              Yes Grammarly is definitely one great tool for all of us. You see even for you, native English speakers.
              I noticed that as more I learn English I don’t pay attention so much and I make some very newbie’s mistakes which Grammarly catches 🙂

            • Odd Helge Hveding says:

              such a nice tool,

              English is my secondary language as well, and I notice sometimes even I don’t understand what I’m trying to explain (lol).

              So, is Grammarly running in the background or do you open it for each site you go through?

              Hear from you

              Odd Helge

              • Sunny says:

                Grammarly is always running in the background so you can’t escape from your mistakes lol
                It’s a great tool!
                Sometimes when I don’t know what I want to say, Grammarly gets the right form of the sentence instead of me.
                That’s pretty helpful.


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