What Is Conversations With God About

”Conversations With God” trilogy has been truly changing my life ever since I had begun listening to the words recorded on those pages and reading every single sentence with full attention.

My Wealthy Affiliate homework for today is to write a socially engaged post, and I couldn’t think of better topic than this one!

What is “Conversations with God” about and what I have remembered of reading this trilogy?


About the author of the ”uncommon” Dialogue

Conversations With God – an uncommon dialogue was written by an American author, Neale Donald Walsh.

What is conversations with God aboutN.D.Walsh was born in a Roman Catholic Ukrainian-American family who encouraged his search for spiritual truth and supported him studying comparative theology for many years. He worked in marketing and public relations and as a radio station and newspaper program director.

In early 1990. Neale ended his marriage, lost his job and all belongings in a fire, and broke his neck in a car accident.

Left alone and unemployed he was homeless, living on a street, collecting and recycling aluminum cans in exchange for some food. He was homeless for the entire year, desperate to get answers and an explanation of his life he thought it came to an end.

Every night he would go to sleep with a question ”WHY?”
Until one night.


Do you want an answer to all these questions, or are you just venting?

When he was just about to fall asleep, Neale heard someone asking him ”Do you want an answer to all these questions, or are you just venting?”. That was the first time he ever met with God. With God in person.

He felt lost and losing his mind. “Who am I to talk to God in person?!  That’s disrespectful!”, he thought until God presented himself as someone who wants to have a dialogue with Neale – in person!

Although he thought at the beginning that wasn’t a right thing to do, Neale took a pen and a paper and started writing everything that was going on in his mind. Very quickly, through the first chapter, we all get to meet the new old God.

The one that loves us unconditionally. The God which is not ”mad”, ”disappointed”, ”ready to punish”. God creator. The God who loves humor, questions and answers. The God who likes to talk to us and be involved in a dialogue which He allows us to start whenever we want.

As He says: ”I talk to everyone. All the time. The question is not who do I talk to, but who listens?”


Conversations With God (CWG) trilogy

What is conversations with God aboutIn the first book, Neale gets proclaimed for one of the God’s messengers along with CWG readers.

He announces what the conversation is going to be about and through that announcement God or Neale catches the reader so well that CWG trilogy becomes a must have collection set!

Many discoveries and life lessons they call ”remembering” of all that we already know but forget by living our lives through our parents’ and society’s experience instead of just being what we came to be.

The second book aims more precisely some life-saving matters. I say ”life-saving” because as soon as I ”remember” all that I ”forgot”, my life will become what I, as a soul planned it to be, and the planet Earth will become a better place to be.

The third book uncovers all the secrets of the Universe. Everything we ever thought about, started in this conversation and by the time got even more interested in.

Topics like the following ones are just a little taste of what those amazing, magical, miraculous books talk about in a simple way so unselfishly:

  • Time and soul travel
  • Making decisions
  • Living our dreams
  • Sticking to the goals we make
  • Opening to all that is new/old to the World and us
  • Loving mother nature as we used to love it
  • Understanding relationships
  • Love versus Fear
  • Parenting and what it brings to us
  • Time
  • Space
  • Alignment with the Universe and everything around us
  • Understanding that we all are part of ONE

I love Conversations with God, and I feel I could talk about it 24/7, but that’s not the point. I would like if you experienced those chapters on your own. That’s exactly what would be great!

See for yourself and come back to this page to tell me what you think! I will leave an open comment section down below for you. I am looking forward to hearing your opinion. 


Where can you find the Conversations With God?

    • Audible books on the youtube (I am providing to you the link to the Part 1 of the book 1, you just need to follow that one further and find the other links)

    • Bookstores
    • E-books on Amazon

Can’t wait to hear from you!!!
Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.
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  1. nike says:

    well, what a lovely review, you have certainly peaked my curiosity and this trilogy has gone on my to read list. Thanks for the review.

    • Sunny says:

      Thanks 🙂
      Yes those books are amazing!!!

    • John Vine says:

      This is a great, enthusiastic review and really makes me want to read those special conversations.

      • Sunny says:

        Thanks John 🙂
        Once you start reading them, you will like it too.

      • Linda says:

        Hi Sunny, this trilogy looks like something I need in my life right now! You must be an angel! Thank you for the message to my well being! Awesome review!


        • Sunny says:

          Hi, Linda 🙂
          You know how they say: ”A teacher arrives when his student is ready”. You attracted those books somehow 🙂
          Thanks for your comment.

        • Mae|Inspiring to Succeed says:

          Very nice page, and interesting information. I am definitely interested in learning more and will put this trilogy on my list. Nice review.

          • Sunny says:

            Thanks Mae 🙂
            Those books are worth of reading. I am glad you liked the review.

          • Sean says:

            Wow, very nice review.

            I’m reading a book now about how to launch and internet business as well as being a member at WA but you have just added some more reading for me when I get time.

            It’s amazing that that man went from being homeless to creating all of his own success.

            He’s living proof that anyone can be successful.

            Thank you for the inspiring post!


            • Sunny says:

              Hi Sean, thanks for your comment.
              Yes, Neal Donald Walsh went through so many challenges before he started his first conversation.
              There is a movie as well on his life and experience.


            • Michelle says:

              Hello Sunny,
              Awesome review! I have heard of Neal Donald Walsh. however, I have not yet read any of his books. And yes, you have piqued my curiosity.
              His story is amazing. It just goes to show that you can do anything, be anyone, as long as you believe. Thanks for sharing.

              • Sunny says:

                Yes that’s exactly what is magical 🙂
                Dream – Believe – Achieve

                Thanks for stopping by 🙂

              • Sam Alston says:

                Very nice review. I’m not a book reader but you have just added some reading for me to do.
                Thank you.

                • Sunny says:

                  Thanks Sam 🙂
                  I am glad you liked it. You will like those books for sure 🙂


                • Grace | Work Anywhere Now says:

                  I’ll be sure to look for these books! I really like this topic of spirituality and always wanting to learn more. These books look really good. Thanks for the review of the books and giving me a glimpse of what’s it all about. 🙂

                  Always a pleasure!

                  • Sunny says:

                    I am glad to hear that 🙂
                    Can’t wait to hear your feedback.

                  • Simon says:

                    Hey, take inspiration from Neale Donald Walsh.
                    I have never heard of him before but it’s amazing when you sink to the depths he found himself in there is always a way out if you’re determined to succeed as he has proved.
                    Thanks for the inspiration Sunny,

                    • Sunny says:

                      Hi Simon,
                      I am so glad you liked the review. You would like the books. Very very inspiring.
                      Thanks for your comment 🙂


                    • Gomer Magtibay says:

                      Hi Lilika,

                      This is a nice article about renewing faith with God. The books are interesting, and I may buy some copies for myself the moment I get some extra money.

                      I agree with what you have shared, that God is always there talking to us. It is not a question of who God talks to but who listens to Him.

                      Bottom-line is, it’s about our relationship to God. Sometimes, we go astray and posts like this, refreshes us about the importance of keeping good relationship with Him.

                      • Sunny says:

                        Hi Gomer,

                        I am so happy to hear that you got inspired by this post. You will like the books for sure 🙂
                        Thank you for sharing your thoughts here.

                        Best of luck to you 🙂

                      • richard says:

                        Hi sunny

                        I read the posts on your website and would like to thank you for the confidence boost. You really inspired me to work harder. I love your review on the Conversations with God and I am looking forward to getting this trilogy.

                        I’ve been with wealthy affiliate since November 2015.I’ve got a day job,I work 5 days a week so I had to build my online business around my busy life.First few months I didn’t get much done.I really wanted to speed up the process so really Got out of my comfort zone this past few month and my business is progressing really well now!! I’ve built my website and got it indexed on google.I’ve learned so much and all the puzzles are coming together now and I’m really enjoying it…

                        • Sunny says:

                          Hey Richard,
                          That’s wonderful! I am so happy to hear that you committed to working on your website! It’s never late. I’ve been a member since September 2015, but I started using it 10 months later. If I was active then I would probably be on the top now, but it’s never late to climb that mountain 🙂

                          Much success to you!


                        • LeNard says:

                          I am curious about Walsh’s opinion on living our lives by our parents. We all have been living in a life cycle that has been going on for generations, by that, I mean duplicating our parent’s ways and lifestyle in us.

                          I’ve seen families sitting around doing nothing to help the family name survive, and I’ve met families that are encouraging each other to grow. ‘Going to place this book is on my to get list.

                          • Sunny says:

                            Thanks LeNard, I appreciate your time and thoughts you shared.
                            I am so glad to hear you liked the review and that you are looking forward to getting those amazing books!

                            Have fun reading the Conversations with God!


                          • Igor says:

                            God is everywhere! Universe above us, around us. You see, Sunny, I am a big fan of Astrology! I just Love it! You might ask, what Astrology has to do with God?

                            Well, we have a saying in Astrology: “what is above, it is below, what is below, it is above!.

                            In other words, Universum and Earth are connected, are one body, materially, spiritually, with one catch …mankind is starting to change the Earth and our environment, but we can´t change the Universum.

                            We can just live according to that rules, in a sense we accept the Universe and its power, but we can’t change it.

                            God is a higher mind, as well! We need to learn to leave that way, the whole life long, and we might never get to that level.

                            The message is similar, isn´t it?


                            • Sunny says:

                              That’s such a great way to explain the books “Conversations with God” too 🙂
                              I agree with all that you said. I love astrology too and always wanted to know everything the great astrologers know 🙂
                              I will catch on that one day!

                              Thanks for sharing. Amazing thoughts and a comment!

                            • Sean Thomas says:

                              Hi Sunny,

                              This has really caught my interest. It´s often at times of great adversity that we find our belief. Ultimately this brings us back to believing in ourselves.

                              This sounds like a must read

                              Thank you


                              • Sunny says:

                                Thanks Sean. The Conversations with God books are my must read books. I think that I will read them over and over and over again!
                                I love them! Let me know what you think once you get into them 🙂


                              • MontaM says:

                                Never heard of these books but your review is very intriguing! 🙂 Well done because it’s so hard to explain something to people so that they would get you. 🙂
                                Might look into them, everything about these books sounds like I would like what they are about! 🙂

                                • Sunny says:

                                  I encourage you to read them. I have read all three books of the trilogy Conversations with God and the fourth book written right after the trilogy, called “At home with the God”.
                                  They really changed my life! I’ve been hanging out with those books since last Summer 🙂
                                  Please, let me know what you think once you start reading them.


                                • Martha says:

                                  Hi Lilika,
                                  I like your review, thanks for sharing your view of the books “Conversations with God” and especially for the wonderful idea of introducing the book as part of your WA promotion site. Awesome!!
                                  It gets one to think, what is one without the other. There is no success unless through God and there is no God in our eyes unless we have the faith and believe of a better life and better outcomes.
                                  Your review sums it all up and for this I thank you. I had come across Walsh’s books before, but have put them aside. Meeting you here is no coincidence. Thank you once again.


                                  • Sunny says:

                                    Thanks, Martha 🙂
                                    I also believe that this is not a coincidence. I am so glad that you like these books too. They truly changed my life. I hope the rest of the world will hear them too 🙂
                                    Thank for stopping by.

                                  • Ian says:

                                    Excellent review! I have read all of Neale’s books and I find them to be extremely inspiring and even liberating. This is one spirituality that I can get behind in which everyone has the possibility to hear the voiceless voice of God. I also like to listen to the books on Audible which helps keep me going on some days.
                                    Keep up the good work!

                                    • Sunny says:

                                      Thanks so much Ian 🙂

                                      Yes, you are right, they are so liberating. I went through some tough days reading his books. I loved them! I read the Conversations and “Home with the God”. I am looking forward to reading other Neil’s books to .

                                      Thanks for stopping by.



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