What Is A Free Keyword Research Tool

What is a free keyword research toolOne of the most important lessons affiliate marketers need to learn is understanding the keywords. It is critical to find the right ones that will get you ranked in Google. On this page, you will find out what is a free keyword research tool that will get you amazing results.

I will also help you understand the keywords better using this page as an example.



Finding a good keyword

If you want to create a post/page that will rank in Google with ease, besides writing quality content, you need to find a good title for your page. You want to have the right keyword in your title.

There are a couple of values you have to look for when searching for a good keyword. Luckily, there are tools programmed to do this for you, all that you need to know is how to use them. And that’s very easy.

But first, let’s see, what are the components of a good keyword:

  1. SearchesNumber of searches for a particular keyword per month > 100
  2. TrafficA possible number of the visitors to your site > 50
  3. CompetitionNumber of sites and blogs using that keyword < 100
  4. Article Power – How well your posts will potentially rank > 8
  5. PPC Power Similar to Article Power referring to paid adverts


A free keyword research tool

On the following two images, you can see that I searched for a long tail keyword:
”A free keyword research tool”.

What is a free keyword research toolThe first number: SEARCHES is excellent!
The second one: TRAFFIC is great too!

What is a free keyword research toolBut COMPETITION is a bit higher than recommended.
Note that some marketers would say that competition should be lower than 300.

I read in one WA tutorial that it should be less than 100. And I stick with that one. It makes me work a bit harder, but at the end results in ranking are much better 🙂

I want to get competition number much lower than 314. I am going to add two simple words ”WHAT IS” and turn my keyword into a question. Let’s see what I am getting.

What is a free keyword research tool

What is a free keyword research toolAll the values remained the same. And let’s see the COMPETITION number:
Well, it couldn’t be better!!!!!!!
You see what I meant when I said I go for the number under 100!

Ok, so now I have the best keyword I could find for my post title. And of course, I am going to use it. I already did lol


Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool

What is a free keyword research tool

The tool I’ve just used to find my unique keyword is Wealthy Affiliate feature.
As a member of the
Wealthy Affiliate, you will get to use it for free.
It comes as a bonus within your premium membership. It’s very easy to use, and you will also have training with Kyle (a co-founder and owner of the WA) on this topic.

However, here is one tutorial that helped me brainstorm this lesson as an affiliate marketer.



Jaaxy Keyword Tool

One more excellent feature made by those two amazing guys, Kyle and Carson, is Jaaxy.
Jaaxy is a premium keyword, niche, and site research software, a keyword suit that will provide you with much more elaborate detail on keywords and create more efficiency.

The free account gives you 30 free searches. The good side is that you will also get access to a remarkable Jaaxy affiliate program.

Here you can try this fantastic tool for free:



I hope you got to understand keyword research better. I was looking forward to making it as simple as possible. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. And I would also like to hear about your experience in this field.

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  1. Grace | Work Anywhere Now says:

    I’ve worked with Jaaxy too before and can attest that it’s one of the strongest keyword research tool I’ve ever used. I would recommend it too to anyone who’s need a great keyword tool!

    Thanks for the details of the tool!

    • Sunny says:

      Thanks for your testimony. I really appreciate that 🙂

      Yes, true, Jaaxy is the best tool in the market.

    • Simon says:

      I never write an article without using WA’s keyword tool.
      What better title can you give a post to what people are searching for through the search engines.
      Couple the benefit the keyword tool offers in cherry picking high traffic keywords with low competition from other websites using the same keywords and you’re onto a real winner.
      WA’s keyword tool is up to date and accurate, not many can say that on the web.
      Great post Sunny,

      • Sunny says:

        That’s true. It is always up to date and it has so many qualities.
        And it’s for free. Can you ask for anything more? 🙂

        Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience with the Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool.

      • Michelle says:

        Hey there Sunny,

        Thank you for such an empowering article.

        Without a doubt, keywords are VERY important to any content…and naturally, it counts when GOOGLE starts to do its thing – RANKING!

        You have itemized some great points, Sunny. Thank you.

        Also, it is a GREAT reminder to us, content writers on how much more we can get closer to SUCCESS and greatness.

        Much success to you…oh wait…did I check that in the keyword tool before using? Hmmm…I want to help you rank this post!

        Oh, and one more thing…I LOVE the price! LOL

        • Sunny says:

          Thanks Michelle.
          Lol you just made me laugh! You should have checked for the keywords before writing the comment haha
          Best of luck to you too in a keywords hunt!

        • Sunny says:

          Thanks Michelle.
          Lol you just made me laugh! You should have checked for the keywords before writing the comment haha
          Best of luck to you too in a keywords hunt!

        • Sean Thomas says:

          Hey sunny,

          A great article on a very important topic for content writers. Thank you for breaking down the components of “a good keyword”. This has been so helpful.

          Keep up the super tips and training


          • Sunny says:

            Thanks Sean. Yes the keyword research is very important and it’s good to learn about it right on the beginning of the training as we do in the Wealthy Affiliate.
            It is very important to use a good keyword tool as well and those two provided by the Wealthy Affiliate are the best I have found! I need no other 🙂


          • MontaM says:

            Honestly, at first, keywords where something from a science book for me and I never paid attention to them on my first articles. But as time goes, I understand them more and always do my keyword research! But still, there is a long way to go and plenty to learn Thank you for useful information as always!

            • Sunny says:

              There is always a lot to learn about an online marketing and it’s so good that we have a good source of information. Best of luck with your keyword research!

            • James says:

              I love both of these tools, especially Jaaxy.

              They give accurate results and have helped me get my content ranking high in google serps as well as bing and yahoo.

              Happy Keyword researching, Sunny!

              • Sunny says:

                It’s good that you know your ranking in Google and Bing. I am wondering if the page can be ranked on those two browsers before Google? Thanks for nice wishes!!!

              • Odd Helge Hveding says:

                I just have to agree with all your other commenters here, those tools are just great. Competition on websites are huge, but there will always be those pearls of keywords that hasn’t been overloaded yet.

                It’s always a tragedy when you just start somewhere and later find out that there are thousands using the exact same keyword and you were the last one…

                Using them as a natural part of the planning of your post saves you a lot of frustration and gives you rankings a lot sooner than you could imagine.

                Thank you for sharing this awesome stuff, I also re- learned (if that is a word.. lol, meaning upgraded my knowledge) something in this article.

                Keep the good stuff coming, it’s a great read you produce here. Thank you!

                Best for your success

                Odd Helge

                • Sunny says:

                  Thanks Odd.
                  I am happy to hear that you re-learned something lol.
                  I could never imagine how much the keywords are important. Also having access to good keyword research tool is very very important. We are lucky to have it here at the Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic.
                  I also wish you much success.


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