Traits Of a Good Boss

Traits of a good bossIf I ever write a book on my work experience, I will call it ”Traits of a good boss”. One practical guide for all the future managers.
Every time I was about to go for some job interview I thought a lot what kind of personality my manager was going to have. Was it going to be firm but kind, fair and honest or opposite of that? I believe that I am not alone in this World with interesting experience when we talk about our ex-managers or how they like to call themselves – BOSSES.

Now when I started my own business, I got a chance to use all of my experience and to be an excellent kind of manager I imagined in different situations. Once when I am good to myself, I will certainly be good to others as well.

That’s not easy since we all are often hard to ourselves, but I broke through and found great ways. Here I would like to proudly share my list of the traits of a good boss. Since that’s ME, I am going to explain them through the actions I am taking to keep my worker (MYSELF) happy and joyful 🙂


Maintaining good physical health

  • Healthy meals Traits of a good boss
    When I started working, online I would focus on my job so much that I would forget to eat until getting sick because of the empty stomach. Now soup, fruits, and veggies are what I take every 2 or 3 hours without exception. And a lot of water. 
  • Exercising
    Sitting for a long time on a daily basis can cause a back pain, sour muscles, gaining wait, and what mostly ladies suffer from – a cellulitis. That’s why exercising is number 1  recommendation. 
  • Taking breaks
    Since I can get stuck in front of my laptop for many hours, I decided to have a ”battery rule”. That means that I work until my battery turns off. Then I take a break while it’s charging. That plan brings to about 3 hours of continuous work and about an hour long break when I eat, meditate, read. 
  • Changing a working place
    After almost each pause I look for another location in my house where I can sit in some different position than the previous one, to work again.


Maintaining a good mental health

Traits of a good boss

  • Sleeping at least 6 – 8 hours per day 
    Good sleep – even better ideas
  • Meditating
    I love it. Most of the ideas I’ve got during this time. For how long? I do MY AGE = MINUTES 


Living life and having fun

  • Real life
    Even though you will network with amazing people from all over the world, don’t let that distract you from hanging out with your family and friends. Working from home can be a little bit tricky because you don’t have why to get out and once you focus on your job, time flies. 
  • Changing environment
    I like to go and work from different bars, coffee shops, libraries. You can’t even imagine how many ideas I get whenever I modify the place. It’s like fuel for creativity.
  • Reading
    I think that as much time I spend working online as more I like reading. That’s like recharging. Especially If you read books on self-esteem, success, popular psychology
  • Art
    Drawing, coloring, making different vision boards is so relaxing and increases a creativity



Self support

There is no one there to support your work but you. You are your own and only ”boss”. Remember?

  • Self-esteem
    Congratulate yourself on each word you type, on every post you make. That’s your work. Your thoughts. You deserve to hear that ”Wow you did a great job today! I am going to recognize you with an award!”
    And then assign yourself with something that you like the most. Do whatever will make you feel special! You deserved it! 
  • Encouraging self-talkThere will be moments when you will not have any motivation to work; inspiration will be far far far away. These are the moments when you need to be opposite of the worst manager you have ever had in your life! Take a break, talk to yourself, read some book, reschedule your working hours for that day. Give yourself some space. Charge your batteries and then get back to work, And both, your manager (YOU) and your boss (again YOU) will be super happy!!!

    Traits of a good boss
    Smile whenever you see yourself in the mirror! That’s what most managers don’t do. Smile even when you are wrong.

Just don’t call yourself stupid, antisocial, not creative, or even worse. Give yourself a break, those moments come and go, they happen to everyone. Sometimes they will make you thinking about quitting but trust me; that’s when I read and go through everything I succeeded until that moment.

And you also have and will always have all the support from a great community here at the
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Remember – NEVER GIVE UP!

Traits of a good boss

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  1. Karin Bauer says:

    Bosses! That evil word! I work an office job and I am dealing with the boss. The boss stalks around and watches employees, and all that. I guess the boss himself doesn’t have much work to do if he has the time to go around and watch everyone.

    Unfortunately, I am unable to quite my day job anytime soon, but I run two blogging sites and an s-store on Shopify, so I am learning the concept of “being my own boss”. After leaving my day job, I come home, eat dinner, then work on my websites. They are not generating income yet (! got my first sale on Shopify a few days ago) but over time they will generate income. That will be great!

    • Sunny says:

      Wow you are a big “boss” lol!!! You run all of those!!! Great job!
      I wish you success in all of them.

      That’s why I called them bosses because unless it was a joke the only time when someone called himself a “boss” was when that person wasn’t a real manager. I don’t like that word at all. But that’s why is good to use it in this case of writing an article and turn boss into a manager 😉

      Thanks for stopping by. Looking forward too see you succeed all of your goals!!!


    • Richard says:

      What a great set of traits to work towards, Sunny.
      I wanted to comment on the meditation one. If I don’t sit down to meditate for fifteen minutes before I start writing, I am all over the place. I can’t seem to get any thoughts written down.
      However, I’m 60 I don’t know if my sit bones can last an hour in meditation:)

      • Sunny says:

        Hahaha Richard, you made me laugh!!! That’s funny lol
        Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      • Glen says:

        Your post is very well structured and quite motivational. Your “battery rule” got me to thinking about restructuring my writing time. If you haven’t already, you should consider motivational speaking as part of your career.
        This was truly a pleasure to read.
        May you always be inspired as much as you inspire.

        • Sunny says:

          Thank you Glen for your kind words.
          ”Battery rule” is awesome 🙂
          Lol I will take your suggestion in consideration.


        • Kevin says:

          I agree with your meditating rule. Only problem for me is I have to write my thoughts down. If I don”t, when I sit at my computer and look at the monitor my mind goes blank. When you shut off your computer and go to bed does your mind just keep going? Sometimes I can’t sleep because I might think of a great topic.Then in the morning I don’t have a clue what it was. Maybe it’s time to bring a pad and pen to bed with me. Great topic!

          • Sunny says:

            I used to have the same ”problem”. I would get ideas and visions and wouldn’t write them down and by the time I remember that I’ve had an idea unfortunately it would be vanished. Since I’ve been practicing a meditation I get more clear ideas and they just hang with me until I am ready to write them down. And yes, a 2 weeks ago I think, I had that kind of challenge every night. I would just get up from the bed and do it. But then I realized that it would be better if I would get some sleep sometimes. And now I write them down 🙂

          • Simon says:

            Hi Sunny,
            You are so right regarding taking time off when working from home and I am guilty of not doing this.

            Many people think you’ve got it so easy working from home but I never stop and work far longer than most. But I enjoy work.

            Taking a break certainly refreshes your mind and as you say getting out for a coffee or whatever your bag is can spur on many creative thoughts.

            One thing we do on a weekend is get out for long walks though, exercise is very important and is a priority for us.

            I like your battery rule. If I was on a laptop I would use that – Great thinking.

            Keep up the good work,

            • Sunny says:

              Thanks Simon 🙂
              I think that we are both very much addicted to this work.
              I follow my battery rule but can’t stop thinking about job while taking a break.
              What a great addiction!!!

            • Sean Thomas says:

              Hey Sunny, some great ideas here. In particular the “Living Life and Having Fun” section.

              I think I do too much of the same thing. It would be good to get out and do something different to see if the creative juices flow with new surroundings and breaking routine.

              A great read


              • Sunny says:

                Exactly Sean, even though is very hard for me to maintain that when I get into my online day lol
                Especially when I get some new results, every time I get too excited to leave my laptop and take a break, but somehow I still do it! It’s important to stay social in an offline world too!

                Thank you for stopping by 🙂

              • Michelle says:

                Great post, Sunny. I want to be you [the boss] too!

                You have outlined so VERY important points. For me, the one that resonated most was the health and the location.

                Many times, I am on my laptop for hours – even after the battery has died and then I just plug in and keep going – instead of using it as an opportunity to recharge as well. Great idea.

                Changing up the location which can lead to better body ‘feel’ and who knows, maybe new ideas for content. So, I am trying that NOW – just left my bedroom and now am in the guest room. Practical.

                ALL your points are powerful.

                Thanks for sharing and keep going onward to greatness.

                • Sunny says:

                  Ahahah I ant to be me sometimes lol
                  The battery rule is so powerful. By the time you charge and use your battery for 3 times, you get to the full time working day 🙂
                  I am aiming to even finish the post within this time which is very hard to do lol

                  Thanks for stopping by.
                  Now off to be a good boss 😀

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