The Wealthy Affiliate University Review

September 26, 2016.
The Wealthy Affiliate University Review is my 100% honest judgment based on my experience here.

The Wealthy Affiliate University ReviewProduct Name:
Wealthy Affiliate
Price: Starter Membership0$ – Join here
Price: Premium Membership,
$49 /Month OR $359/Year – Join Here
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Overall Ranking: 98/100
Who it’s for: Newbie – Expert
Written by: Sunny



What Is Wealthy Affiliate University?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online marketing university for online business based on a principle LEARN & EARN.
That means that upon opening your FREE account, you will get all the knowledge and tools you need to build up your own online business.
If you do your classes and homework in a given real time, you will see your progress and the first income very shortly.


What Do You Need To Start?

All you need for a start is a free will and curiosity and just a little bit of your time. You can start even on your mobile phone, but if you have a computer or laptop, that’s even better! The rest you need is on the other side of the link! Oh yes! You need an internet connection as well lol 🙂

On this page, I am introducing you to the Wealthy Affiliate University review based on my experience from the moment I signed up until today. There will be a bonus offered by the end of the page. Enjoy reading.  


Wealthy Affiliate Pros

  • The Wealthy Affiliate University ReviewThe Wealthy Affiliate has a great community
    There is close to 700000 members from all over the world 
    The owners (Kyle and Carson) are very real guys available 24/7
  • Sign up is totally free
    You don’t even need your credit card to open your account
    No catches that send you from page to page each one with some deeper story about online success
  • You don’t need to have an online experience
    All that you need to know is on the other side of the link.
    I had no clue about online marketing, and look at my site now 🙂
  • Your income is on you
    You will get paid as much as you work and work as much as you want
    How fast you will get your first income again depends on you – isn’t that amazing?
  • Training and tools
    Very simplified Getting Started Training -:) If I got it – you will too 🙂
    Video training
    13 + full interactive classes
    Live chat and interactive help 24/7
    2 FREE websites
    Fast Hosting and maintaining your sites

Wealthy Affiliate is completely STRESS AND SPAM FREE environment 

The Wealthy Affiliate University Review


 Wealthy Affiliate Cons

Honestly I could find only one:
Language. Since this is a global network, everything is in English. BUT!  You can always translate and study and build your site in your mother tongue.

My mom does that and since she figured out how to do things she doesn’t give up. And now after a while, my mom even understands a bit of English, and she has never had any class in her life before 🙂

There are many people in the community not knowing English,
they have found a way.

Check how the English native speakers help when needed!


 Who is Wealthy Affiliate for?


  • Beginners – MY EX GROUP 🙂 The Wealthy Affiliate University Review
    If you have never had any experience with an on-line business, building websites, blogging, networking, don’t worry; the community, owners, and experts 24/7 will support you.I started with baby steps, but two months after I created this review, I stepped into a group below 🙂
  • Intermediate – MY GROUP  🙂 – you have any experience with blogging, site building, an online business, marketing. Now you can easily make an income by turning your hobby into a real business! Wealthy Affiliate will teach you that!
  • Advanced – you are an expert in IT, marketing, online business, blogging, computers, programming
    Perfect! You will succeed much faster than anyone. Don’t forget that no matter how much you know, there is always something new going on in the industry, and Kyle and Carson keep us up to date 100%
  • Entrepreneurs – you already have some business that you want to promote, improve and develop
    I’ve seen many people here having their already established business at home or soever increasing their income upon joining the WA and using given tools for marketing and online promotion
  • Freelancers – you have some passion or hobby that you practice and sometimes get some revenue for it
    Here is your chance to turn your passion into an online business, increase your income, leave your 9-5 job and pursue your dreams!
  • Dreamers, Travelers, Hedonists – your Bucket list is long, but you have no time or money
    Get ready to pursue your dreams, travel the world and do everything that you’ve always been dreaming about! It’s time for the financially free life! 


Training & Tools

  • All inclusive
    Wealthy Affiliate has everything that you need for building your online story. Different training classes and all kinds of tools.Once you open the door, you will feel the same like when you go for vacation in ALL INCLUSIVE hotel! That’s what makes the WA too good to be true! But it is true! You have my promise 🙂
  • Certification Course
    The Wealthy Affiliate University ReviewThe entrepreneur certification course has 6 Levels, each with ten lessons.
    This course teaches how to create a website and develop a successful business in any niche you choose.
  • Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp 
    7 Phases long WA Affiliate Bootcamp teaches how to promote Wealthy Affiliate and become a successful online marketer. I’ve been in this course for 125 days today (11.27.2016.), and I’ve been already facing amazing results. 
  •  Live Training
    If you heard for live webinars, that’s what this is about. Every Friday you can join the live class, and if you miss it, you can always find it in the classroom 🙂 
  • Tutorials
    Tutorials are the perfect way to find a solution at any given moment. Those are lessons on each topic. Here is one tutorial that I have made. You will get a better picture of what are tutorials on the WA platform
    Adding Clickable Banners To Your Pages
  • Keyword ToolThe Wealthy Affiliate University Review
    To get ranked in search engines, for example, Google, you need to include in your content the ”right words”. Those that are most popular within your niche but with the least competition.
    To find those words you will use the Keyword Tool which is a complementary for the WA members, or you can also use a Jaaxy tool as one of the WA products.
  • WordPress Site Builder
    Instead of figuring out how, where and when your WordPress site’s technical part is over, you just need to click three times, and you are there! Within 30 seconds you become an owner of your very own hosted, protected ready for building WordPress site 🙂
    The features here are countless!!



Here at the Wealthy Affiliate within the first couple of minutes you will find out that you are not left alone in some virtual online place and not scammed! You will have a support along the way from:

  • The Wealthy Affiliate University ReviewKyle and Carson – co-founders and owners of the WA 
  • ME ready to be there for you 24/7 for any question and concern you have. I am here for any ideas and productive help you ever need building your unique online story!
  • The WA community is amazing. It’s like being part of a team that has a great wish for you to succeed, that gives you so much support and help like you had never had before in any job or company. 
  • There are different ways to communicate with the community and owners:
    – Comments option on the profile page and blogs
    – Q & A
    – 24/7 Live chat
    – Private messaging
    – Tickets Support Team  


The Price

  • Starter Membership: $O
    As a Starter member, you will have access to all of the goodies inside of the Wealthy Affiliate platform for the first seven days FOR FREE.
    It’s totally enough time to get to know how real and awesome opportunity you have found.
  • Premium Membership: $49 /Month, $359/Year, $1>Day
  • Now, if you don’t want to get your Premium benefits right away, that’s ok! And you can upgrade whenever you decide to do so.


Special BONUS

As you already know, opening an account at the Wealthy Affiliate is FOR FREE! Once you sign up, I will get to you with my welcome onboard message and you will meet Kyle too. Please set up your account (add your profile image and something about you) right away, since that will increase the number of WA members joining your network.

You will have seven days to explore everything as a premium member. After that, you can stay free starter member or take my special bonus for you.

If you upgrade in the first seven days AS I DID, you will get 59% discount on your first monthly payment! That means that your first month will cost only $19

Join the Wealthy Affiliate for $0 here and claim your bonus.


My Final Opinion

The Wealthy Affiliate University is LEGIT!
I guarantee that after being scammed so many times before!

Being a member of this great platform all I can say is that I have never had any regrets. I would love that I had found this place a long time before I did. But as we all know, THE TEACHER ARRIVES ONCE THE STUDENT IS READY FOR HIS TEACHING!

Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Sales Page URL:
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Overall Ranking: 98 out of 100 points
Real testimonials: Wealthy Affiliate Reviews

The Wealthy Affiliate University Review













Free counters!I would love to hear about your online experience. And also if you have any questions or concerns. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.
You can reach me directly on
My WA Profile as well.


  1. dandrija says:

    Sounds interesting and inspiring! it’s worth trying! Super! Good luck!

    • Sunny says:

      Thanks dandrija 🙂
      I appreciate that


    • dubravka says:

      This is great! Thank you for one inspirative article! 🙂 I love the way you point on what the wealthy affiliate is!

      • Sunny says:

        Thank you Dubravka. That’s very nice from you 🙂


      • Estevan says:

        Awesome review Sunny, As a member myself I can vouch for the fact that what Sunny is true and on the mark a great place to learn who to make money online and suitable for anyone as you work with your experience to share it with others. Now is a great time to get onto this field as it keeps growing everyday. .

        • Sunny says:

          Thanks Estevan for all your kind support and a testimony. I really appreciate that 🙂


        • Angela Moore says:

          Wow, This is a very interesting review. it seems that anyone can start no matter your experience.

          • Sunny says:

            Thanks Angela,
            Yes you’re right! Everyone can start. It’s just about the passion and what person wants to accomplish 🙂

            Thanks 🙂


          • Anthony says:

            Hi, Sunny! Thank you for your sharing!
            I would like to have an online business as well! But, when I tell this idea to my friends, they just don’t believe that is possible. So, I think Wealthy Affiliate can help me a lot to build my business!

            • Sunny says:

              Anthony, i know what you mean. But there is one great idea to do your thing and your success is then a perfect example that something works. You’re lucky to have found the WA! Trust me, your friends will not just believe, they will ask you how they can join you 🙂
              I wish you much success!


            • Simon says:

              Hi Sunny,
              This is one great review regarding Wealthy Affiliate.

              I too joined up as a free starter member expecting a load of technical jargon that I wouldn’t understand.
              It’s not like that at all. I was amazed how straightforward their teaching comes across.

              I’m delighted with my progress so far. All thanks to WA and their helpful community.

              Good luck with your business here,

              • Sunny says:

                Thanks Simon for your great thoughts. I feel like we are at the same point and am so happy to have so many fellow friends around having the same challenge like I have. When I say “challenge” I mean achieving all the new goals we set up and progress we handle 🙂
                Lol sometimes I am so so happy whenever I realize how much I learn with every lesson 🙂


              • Chris says:

                Great review of a great online community all supporting each other in achieving their own goals.

                As a paid up member I can vouch for everything that is in this review.

                Get joining people and enjoy the benefits

                • Sunny says:

                  Thanks Chris for your support and honest testimony. I wish you very best of luck and see you in Vegas 😉

                • Julian says:

                  Hey Sunny,

                  Great review. Spot on! 🙂 I couldn’t have done it better.

                  I am so thankful of Wealthy Affiliate. Because of them, I was able to turn my life around.

                  I was into some pretty bad stuff when I was a teenager, all the way up until 2013/14. And one day I searched online for making money.

                  At first, I found some MLM stuff. Lost money there.

                  Then I found WA. Now I live in the city and don’t do the stuff I used to. 🙂

                  • Sunny says:

                    Hey Julian,
                    Thanks a lot for your comment and support!
                    I am so glad that you have found the WA too and that you got a chance to pursue your dream 🙂
                    I wish you best of luck!

                  • Mark1 says:

                    Brilliant review. I’m just going to butt in with my 2 cents!

                    Wealthy Affiliate really is a brilliant program. I have been using it for 2 weeks and I have already learned so much and achieved more in the online world than I thought I ever would.

                    It doesn’t matter if you have no experience. The training is so in depth that ANYONE can start and manage a successful online business.

                    The thing that makes WA for me is the community. What a brilliant group of friendly and motivated people. Everyone helps each other out.

                    9.8 is harsh!!! 10/10 from me!

                    • Sunny says:

                      Hey Mark, thanks 🙂
                      The community is what makes this soooo good! I completely agree with you. So much support wow it’s so weird that this is actually called ”job”. I really have no feeling that I am actually working. I call it creation, making an income and hanging out with awesome people!
                      Thanks for your supportive and honest testimony!

                      Best of luck and see you there 🙂

                    • jettaranda says:

                      A really intense and thorough review. I am also a WA and member and fully support what you are saying here.

                      Many times int he past I tried different affiliate programs, none of them worked as well as WA.

                      Glad to see others are finding success with it as well.

                      Great job keep it up.

                      • Sunny says:

                        Thanks a lot for your support and a testimony how great Wealthy Affiliate platform is!
                        I also wish you best of luck and so much success 🙂


                      • Miren says:

                        You wrote such an amazing review, Sunny =)
                        I need to say that I’m very happy that I joined Wealthy Affiliate, it provides everything you need to build an online business. In fact, it’s much more than that! I don’t think I have enough words to express how much I love it!

                        Best wishes =)

                        • Sunny says:

                          Thanks Miren,
                          I really appreciate your testimony.
                          I am also sure that Wealthy Affiliate makes everyone happy 🙂

                          Wish you much success on your journey.


                        • Robert Allan says:

                          Hello Sunny
                          This is a very good in-depth article on one of the top 5 training platforms on the internet today.
                          I can vouch for this because I too am a member of wealthy affiliate and have been for over two years (actually 3 years but I was a free member for the 1st one).
                          Now I have reached the grand status of Ambassador This means that I am one of the top 25 members.
                          One of the top 25 out of over 700,000 members is not too shabby in my book.
                          I do help out a lot and especially new members. Based on my own marketing experience and research I have published well over 200 helpful blogs in the past two years. I also have over 3,000 followers which is also a testament to how popular those blogs are.
                          All my success to date could not have been possible without Wealthy Affiliate training.
                          Therefore if anyone who is reading this has a dream of having their own online business then sign up today. Not tomorrow folks because you will still be in the same position you are today and still dreaming. Make the dream a reality.
                          Regards to you Sunny and have a great day.
                          Robert Allan

                          • Sunny says:

                            Dear Robert, thank you so so much for your honest testimony. I am so grateful that you commented on your own experience! I also myself didn’t know anything about WordPress, online business, marketing. And now I am every day 1 step closer to my goals!
                            I like that you were a starter member for entire year, that means that you really made a commitment and decided to go for it once when you upgraded to premium. I was also around for 10 months but on premium membership, before I made a decision to start a brand new chapter! 68 days since that happen and great success is already here!

                            Thanks and see you inside the WA! Keep in touch and much success to you as well 🙂


                          • JoAnne says:

                            Hi Sunny,

                            Very informative review of Wealthy Affiliate.I must say it is the best platform to learn how to be online and what an amazing community.
                            I have come so far and learned so much in my journey with them and I am very happy to be an Annual Premium member, working towards my goals and dreams with all the essential training at my fingertips.
                            All the best with your journey, your b=website looks fab!


                            • Sunny says:

                              Hi Jo,
                              Thank you so much for stopping by and providing your thoughts on your experience in the Wealthy Affiliate.
                              Best of luck to you!


                            • Rupert says:

                              Hi Sunny,

                              Very honest review. As a WA member myself, I can vouch for what you have written here.

                              Keep on sharing WA. We have a goldmine here that can really help others build their very own online business.

                              All the best,


                              • Sunny says:

                                Hi Rupert,
                                I really like so much the word ”goldmine” you used to describe Wealthy Affiliate. Thank for your testimonial..
                                Best of luck to you too 🙂


                              • James says:

                                Hi there, Sunny

                                I’m thrilled with this so far and I’ve learned so much that I never would have learned by googling for stuff.

                                The training is structured and step by step, no way would I know what to look for on google, like WA.

                                My name’s Jimbo, connect with me on WA. (I’m an Ambassador)


                                • Sunny says:

                                  Hey James, thanks for your testimony. I really appreciate it.

                                • Odd Helge Hveding says:

                                  Interesting review of the Wealthy Affiliate. I understand you get a lot peanuts here, which is very interesting.

                                  I’m looking for a website solution but don’t have any experience, so I read a lot of reviews on stuff about websites. This’s by far one of my favorites, so far.

                                  I want to promote some of my own material on the internet and would need help on doing that. You mentioned some training, are there trainings on how to promote as well?

                                  • Sunny says:

                                    Hi Odd,
                                    Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comment.
                                    The Wealthy Affiliate University definitely deserves the best review in the world! It’s a wonderful platform where you get to learn and earn at the same time while learning.
                                    You are getting here all the knowledge you will ever need for the internet marketing, there are updates on a daily basis and if you are active within the community you are up to date all the time.
                                    Yes, there are two kinds of courses:
                                    1. Bootcamp – where you learn EVERYTHING you need to know about an online marketing promoting the Wealthy Affiliate.
                                    2. Certification – where you learn EVERYTHING about an online marketing and being a successful entrepreneur using your own niche 😉

                                    My plan is to start again with the Certification course once I am done with this one (Bootcamp Phase 5 – out of 7)

                                    Hope this helps.
                                    If you need anything related to your niche or a website creation, please let me know 🙂
                                    Thanks again 🙂

                                  • James says:

                                    A very extensive review of Wealthy Affiliate, Sunny.

                                    I’m afraid I can’t join through your website, lol, I’m already a member. But if I wasn’t I certainly would join with you, because I know you’re one of the most helpful members there.


                                    • Sunny says:

                                      Aw thanks, James a lot! It makes me happy to hearing that!
                                      I look forward to helping any of the members out there in the Wealthy Affiliate University!
                                      Thank you again 🙂

                                    • RichPersonality says:

                                      The best things about wealthy affiliate is really good training, there are many lessons made by professionals who already achieved financial freedom, another great thing is amazing and active and helpful community. In simple words it’s a great place to start, even if you are new, and don’t really understand how internet works, you still can succeed. Nice article.

                                      Leave a Reply