The Wealthy Affiliate Support

In this post, I would love to introduce you to the Wealthy Affiliate support which is the best-organized support ever! It includes:
1. Live chat
2. Asking a question within a classroom
3. Private messaging
4. Support ticket
5. Direct contact with Kyle and Carson

The Wealthy Affiliate Support - live chat

I believe that it happened at least once that you had some issue with your email or some of the social networks. And that you had to contact a support and get an assistance.

And then you sent an email or submitted the question on the page you found. You got a reply right away saying “Thank you for your email. Our team is working on this or that.” And after a couple of hours or days, you got the response stating that your issue was resolved or not.

Now, what I like here at the Wealthy Affiliate is that there are different ways to get help and also those are sometimes quicker than usual.
This community offers a 24/7 support which is really awesome!

So let’s start 🙂


Live chat

Live chat is 24/7 open and active. You can always reach out to get help, assist others and hang out, meet people.

There is an Ambassadorship program within the Wealthy Affiliate platform (more about that you can find here) and being active in the Live Chat gives some benefits and points if the Wealthy Affiliate member aims this status within the community.

Besides that, it’s very good for learning stuff. Just being present in the Live chat and reading other peoples’ requests, I learn a lot. In the Live chat, you can find random people, but there are some members which like to help a lot, and you can even find them there every day.

Very often, Kyle and Carson themselves will be available too.


Asking a question within a classroom

The both courses (Certification and the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp) are very well made and featured, but there will often be some things you will want to dig deeper. And also if happens and to me, it happens from time to time, to need an answer right away, there is this awesome feature.

There is a search bar up on the top of the Wealthy Affiliate page where you can type your question. It can be any question you can possibly imagine (of course if it is related to online marketing, online business, inspiration, Wealthy Affiliate and so on).

When you ask your question, the system shows the most accurate articles created within the community on the keywords you used in your question.


If you are not finding what you are looking for within the given articles, you can go ahead and create your own question.

You just need to write it down and publish in some of the classrooms from the drop list you will get as well. It’s simple and it looks like this:

After you publish it, the question will appear in the Wealthy Affiliate dashboard, the community will see it right away and you will get help from the community sometimes within the same hour.


Private messaging

Even though the previous two types of support are very good and well assisting in my learning/working experience, there is a private messaging feature which I like to use as well. This is a way which allows me to reach out to some members I already know better than others and I know that I can get an instant help from.

Here is an example of a little chat I had with Loes, one of the Wealthy Affiliate Ambassadors.


Support ticket

It happened a couple of times that I needed an assistance from the Wealthy Affiliate Support team.

They are outstanding. So kind, patient and professional. The best way to describe my experience with the Wealthy Affiliate support team is to show on one more example 🙂

I never waited for the reply more than maybe 2 or 3 hours. And I got resolved every single issue I had. Besides that, the members of the Support team are very kind and really know what they are doing.


Kyle and Carson

Unlike the other online companies and platforms, this one has the real visible owners.

And when I say “visible” I mean, guys you can reach out whenever you have some issue you didn’t get to resolve in other ways above. Or also if there is something you would like to share with the, or to give a comment, ask a question and so on.

Most of the time I communicate with Kyle. He is a very kind, and a true leader.

There is one more thing you should know. I work every day on my website, classes and the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp tasks, which means that I am online quite always. You can reach me easily if you need any assistance over there.

Here is the link to my Wealthy Affiliate Profile.

You can also write here on this post down below if you have any questions or thoughts to share.



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  1. Sean Thomas says:

    Hi Sunny,

    The support at WA is second to none. As a newbie to the online world, I often get stuck and confused. I have reached out to the community to ask questions and the help and advice that I have received is really amazing.

    Enjoy your journey


    • Sunny says:

      Hi Sean,
      Yes, the support here is the best. There is always someone to help out when needed 🙂

      P.S. You are not a newbie anymore, you are doing great!

    • Luna says:

      Hi Sunny,
      You are right about WA Support Team, they are the greatest. Most of the online Gurus cannot be located when you need them but I have communicated with Kyle several times.
      Loes is a sweetheart! She is always ready to give a helping hand. This is an informative post.
      Good Read

      • Sunny says:

        Thanks for your testimony, I really appreciate that 🙂
        I am glad you are enjoying the Wealthy Affiliate too.