The Wealthy Affiliate Is a Scam

Let me tell you right away that The Wealthy Affiliate Is a Scam is just an excellent keyword for Google ranking.
Tonight (November 25,2016) I got my Relax, and Create page ranking high in Google and wanted to share my happiness with you. Searching for the keyword related to the Wealthy Affiliate and what I have learned here, I’ve found this one with:

  • The Wealthy Affiliate Is a ScamSearches
  • Traffic 600
  • QSR 6 


The Wealthy Affiliate Is a Scam

It couldn’t be better!
A top keyword with so many searches and no one is using it because it’s a little bit risky. But I am not afraid since I can prove all the results I achieved thank to

Wealthy Affiliate.

I’ve found a couple of pages about the Wealthy Affiliate with a similar title, and when I checked what they were about, I realized that the writer chose such a title just because of the Google rank.


Now when you are here

I can tell you that you couldn’t choose a better place to be 🙂
The Wealthy Affiliate is a great University, platform, and a job market. 

Especially if you are in love with:

  • Online marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Marketing in general
  • Networking 

I am going to share with you:

  • My ranking status
  • My keyword tool recommendation – read more about Jaaxy
  • My goals
  • Las Vegas story
  • Don’t forget that there is a huge Black Friday sale going on here as well!


Keywords, keywords, keywords

Why, are they so important?

  • I am creating my website for my audience to read
  • My primary aim is Google market
  • To get people find me on Google, I need to gain a Google trust
  • To get the Google trust, I need to create a quality content
  • To create a quality content I need to find the keywords that rank well in Google
  • To find good keywords I use Jaaxy or the WA keyword tool

The Wealthy Affiliate is a scam

Why don’t I stress myself about keywords so much?

  • Content and a natural writing are more important than a particular keyword
  • Google likes more when using the keywords is not so obvious
  • Within a content of 1000 words, there are at least 200 keywords (besides the special one we searched for)
  • Sometimes pages rank even if the keyword is not so promising (that happened to me tonight)

The Wealthy Affiliate is a scam

  • The Wealthy Affiliate features unique keywords search tools for us, and you can try one of them right away 🙂

Google page number 1!

The Wealthy Affiliate Is a ScamThat was fantastic news tonight!

I was just about to start some post for today and wanted to include my progress in ranking as well. I typed my titles in the keyword ranking tool and thought”It’s time for some results here” and BAM!

Relax and Create page – position seven on the Google page 1

The Wealthy Affiliate Is a ScamIt’s a big deal for me since this is the first page that got ranked so high! I shared this news right away with the Wealthy Affiliate community and on my social networks. It’s a day 123 since I made a commitment and my second huge success!
The first one was when my sites’ domain reached position one on the Google page 1.

When working online you just work and work and work, and are not waiting for it, but you are expecting success to arrive every second. There is no boss or a manager around to push you or pull you or not even congratulate.

There is you, your family, friends who support you and
a great Wealthy Affiliate community.

The Wealthy Affiliate Is a ScamKyle and Carson (co-founders and owners of the WA) are the biggest support ever! Those guys taught me all that I know about online marketing and results are more than evident.
The Wealthy Affiliate Is a Scam

I can’t wait for the next miraculous surprise to happen 🙂



Wealthy Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas

Every year the most successful Wealthy Affiliate members get an invitation from Kyle and Carson to participate in the Wealthy Affiliate conference in Las Vegas.
All inclusive arrangement:

  • Plain tickets
  • Transportation to the hotel in a limousine
  • All-inclusive hotel
  • Ticket for the musical theater show
  • Getting to meet and hang out with Kyle and Carson and other experts in the industry


So is the Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

No, no and no 🙂

I am super happy here, looking forward and planning to go to Vegas next year.

If you are still wondering if this entire page is a scam, click here and see for yourself. It’s completely free to join. In fact, you will get premium privileges for the first seven days upon joining. After that, you can feel free to remain the free starter member, and you will still be able to build your online business.

If you want to be a little bit more serious along your journey to success, goals and dreams, like me, then you can click here, upgrade to premium right away and even get the Black Friday awesome discount!

Whatever you decide I am here to answer to all of your questions and concerns. 

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  1. Sam Alston says:

    Grate review, keep up the good work 🙂

    • Sunny says:

      Thanks Sam 🙂
      I wish all the best to you too.


    • Brett says:

      Great Wealthy Affiliate review. Also like the way you have demonstrated how some of the tools work, like the keyword research tool and Jaaxy. As a fellow member of WA, It’s great to see that you are achieving success.

      • Sunny says:

        Thanks Brett 🙂
        Here’s my thorough review if you would like to take a look.This is a page that goes together with it. And it has been made 2 months after the

        Thanks for stopping by and for your kind thoughts 🙂


      • Michelle says:

        Awesome review, Sunny. Compact, precise and simply nice. Keep up the good work!

        • Sunny says:

          Thanks Michelle.

        • MontaM says:

          I am very happy about your success this far and just they way you talk about (write) makes me feel as if it’s happening to me! 🙂
          Wish you more and more of these surprises every day! All the best!


          • Sunny says:

            Thank you so much.
            This kind of success can happen to everyone who finds the Wealthy Affiliate. It is made to make it happen 🙂
            All the best to you too.

          • Travis says:

            You got me, lol!

            You had me fooled at first. Then I started reading, and it all made sense. I love what you did with the keywords!

            Just a couple questions tho. What particular stats would you like for during your keyword searches? How often would you use a keyword in a post? And what is “keyword overload?”

            • Sunny says:

              Lol Travis, you made me laugh! 🙂

              My stats are usually Searches and Traffic > 50 (as recommended) , QSR 8 (as recommended).
              I use a keyword in the title, first paragraph, meta description, and as the image title.
              “Keyword overload” – you asked a great question here 😉 That happened to me in my very first post when I didn’t know anything about that and I used about 15 different obvious keywords within my page. Google doesn’t like when your keywords are so obvious. The content is not natural and it’s clear that you want to ”cheat”.

              As Kyle says, we should focus on one keyword (as described above in this comment – title, paragraph. image, meta description) and the rest should be a real natural writing. Within 1000 words there are at least 200 keywords.

              Hope this helps 🙂


            • Chris Towers says:

              Thank you so much for this information.

              I have my own website and the keyword research is so important.

              I have made terrible mistakes in the past and have not looked at the keyword metrics like you discuss here and it left me with no customers at all.

              The root of everything is the keywords, and if we fail to get this right then the whole project is heading for disaster.

              I have learned things as i have progressed but you can never learn enough.

              Great information here, I am grateful!



              • Sunny says:

                Thanks Chris,

                Yes, the keywords research is very important and luckily we have great tools here provided by Kyle and Carson, the owners of the Wealthy Affiliate. But at the same time, we shouldn’t get stressed because of the keywords because the natural writing is something Google likes the most.

                Anyways, having access to Jaaxy makes this process easier than ever!

                Best of luck to you!

              • uphill1 says:

                Hi Sunny,
                Thank you for pointing out the pros and cons of the Wealthy Affiliate Program. Your information about signing on with Wealthy Affiliate and also the training they provide is quite thorough. I’m glad that you pointed out that the lessons are conducted in the English language. This won’t be a problem for me but may be for other potential members.
                The cost is quite attractive in comparison to other affiliate programs that I have come across. For all they provide it sounds like a solid investment. Thank you for your information.


                • Sunny says:

                  Hi Jerome,
                  You are welcome. The program is in English but it’s not so hard to follow. It’s very simplified and easy to catch up. The cost is very attractive I agree with you. For the knowledge you get the price is very low 🙂 And that’s great!

                  Thanks for stopping by.

                • Simon says:

                  You’ve cracked this keyword tool. QSR 6 Hey! Fantastic there’s only 6 other websites using this title, that’s your competition yet there’s 3529 people searching your title per month – wow! Just wait for the traffic.
                  I too can vouch for WA, I started as a complete newbie and there’s nothing to compete with their legitimacy online.
                  This is why they have opened their doors with a free try before you buy service – Who else does that. There’s proof for you.
                  All the best,

                  • Sunny says:

                    Lol Simon, I can hear your excitement about this competition 6! Hahaha thanks for your support! It just made me feel great!
                    And thanks for your thought! It’s wonderful having you around!


                  • Grace | Work Anywhere Now says:

                    What a great title to use to capture people’s attention! LOL That’s awesome! Wealthy Affiliate is far from a scam!

                    You’ve detailed out nicely here why it isn’t. Thanks for the information and I agree with everything here because I’m also a Premium member there!

                    If you’re new and reading this, Sunny is right and you should also join so you can learn how to build your affiliate marketing business right!

                    Awesome Sunny!

                    • Sunny says:

                      Grace, I got you there as well 🙂 LOL
                      Wealthy Affiliate is everything but a scam! Thanks for your testimony and cheering 🙂


                    • Igor says:

                      WOW, Sunny! That is a great post! Big congrats!

                      Great Google Rank. This is a prove You are doing a great job. Keywords are a puzzle piece of SEO. Google is crawling the web using more than 200 parameters and own logarithm.

                      This is why You did a great job!

                      Keep it up!


                      • Sunny says:

                        This one is the best keyword I have ever found. I am wondering how long will it take to rank in Google 🙂

                        Thanks for the kind words.

                      • Beatrice says:

                        Hello Sunny

                        Love your article, It was well written, and It made me want to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate all over again. The detailed explanations in your article will help your readers make a quick decision to join Wealthy Affiliate.

                        Also congratulation on your high Google rank, I hope to follow in your foot-steps.

                        • Sunny says:

                          Thanks Beatrice 🙂
                          Your comment made me smile big. What you felt about re-signing up means that my post is a very successful post 🙂

                          Thanks a lot.
                          Much success to you too and may you face that Google rank in no time 🙂

                        • Sean Thomas says:

                          Hey Sunny,

                          I love this article. You had me at “gaining trust”. Like any relationship, our online one is built on trust. You clearly demonstrate how to do it and more so, the importance of it.

                          Keep up the super posts


                          • Sunny says:

                            Thanks Sean. Yes you are right, it is the most important to gain trust and that’s the hardest part. That’s why I chose to build my website strictly on my own experience so that I can be as precise as I can in creating my posts.

                            I am glad you like it.

                          • James says:

                            I was shocked when I saw you wrote Wealthy Affiliate is a scam. lol

                            Of course when I read the whole post I realized what you meant by scam. It’s not a scam, it’s legit, for anyone wondering.

                            Thanks for a fun post, Sunny.

                            • Sunny says:

                              Ahaha I got you!!! Lol
                              The Wealthy Affiliate is a scam is a great keyword though 🙂

                            • Odd Helge Hveding says:

                              Hi Sunny,

                              what an awesome story!

                              I really enjoyed it, especially when mention the scam part. I did some serious research when I first heard about Wealthy Affiliate, there are tons saying in the title this is a scam, but I didn’t find ONE saying it way in the end. Just happy people who either succeeded or learned a lot. When people don’t succeed, they have a tendency to blame the company, so a lot of those scam reports are just affiliates who didn’t do what they were supposed to do.

                              The thing about the Wealthy Affiliate Scam Reports, is that people learn so much, and know that people are searching for scam reports, so someone has to tell them the truth. You can’t get anyway further from a scam than the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

                              Funny story, what a great find of a keyword… (I’m on it, lol :-))

                              Keep up your great work, love your stuff in here 🙂

                              Odd Helge