The Secret Of Making Money Online

The Secret Of Making Money Online

6 STEPS of the secret of making money online:
1. Find an audience
2. Find something interesting to write about

3. Your audience searches for something in Google
4. Your audience visits your website
5. Visitors buy something you recommend to them




Making Money On-line Process

Making money online process is pretty simple. You will learn it step by step while taking the lessons at the Wealthy Affiliate, but here is a small taste just that you can picture yourself making an income 🙂


  1. You will build the site with a certain theme that you like to talk about.
    Let’s imagine you are a saxophonist like my very good friend is 🙂
  2. You write about JAZZ music and post videos from the concerts, photos, quotes and all the greatest stories about JAZZ musicians. You also recommend products related to your topic i.e. JAZZ.

    The products that you recommend, you have found in the “Product + Affiliate programs.” These programs will pay you when someone buys their product through your link. Since you talk about jazz, let’s say that you are an affiliate for the ”New York Jazz Music tickets sale”, an affiliate program that has the best tickets deals. For instance, there is a concert going on in New York and your ”NY Jazz Music tickets sale” offers the best deal for this concert. And you already posted the link that tracks to their on-line shop. Just to be clear, you don’t sell the tickets; you just recommend the ”New York Jazz Music tickets sale”.
  3. Your audience is your niche. Those are people all around the world searching on Google for something. Including ME! In this case, I LOVE ALL THAT JAZZ.
  4. I find your site, and I like your style and your articles. Visiting your site becomes my morning routine on daily bases.
  5. And finally, there is an announcement on your site about a concert in New York. I want to go! Since I already ”know” you and trust your judgment I buy the ticket using your link.
    And guess what happens next?!
    The ”New York Jazz Music tickets sale” paid you for the promotion.



How much is a commission?

Now I know that you would like to know exactly how much you have just earned. I can’t tell you that for sure at this moment because it depends on your niche and the products you review and the affiliate programs you find.

I can just inform you that commission goes from $0.50 to hundreds of dollars. If you talk about cruising and promote cruise lines, you will be an affiliate which earns pretty big commissions on cruises sold through your link.

You can be an affiliate for EVERYTHING! For toys, flowers, food, tracks, cars, vacation offers, plane tickets, musical instruments, fashion – literately everything! It’s just about accomplishing your first step which is finding your passion that you like to talk about! Everything else goes smoothly.

Do you see what I mean? Also, it is imperative for you to know that the Internet is the biggest market on the planet Earth and that millions of people search for products on a daily basis. And if you promote something that doesn’t pay you much but it is in demand then your commission will be $0.50 times thousand 😉

The Secret Of Making Money Online



Make Money Online Summary

  • Find a niche (an audience)
  • Find products to promote on your website
  • Engage with your audience through great articles and content
  • They click on your affiliate links
  • You make a commission selling them something they want


Ok, now when you have an idea of yourself being a millionaire, Wealthy Affiliate is the best way to start. They have the best platform and offer a free service.


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  1. Matt T says:

    Making money online is truly as simple as choosing a niche, building a website, and then bringing in traffic to that website. The biggest secret is probably that it takes hard work and dedication to succeed – you won’t find a get rich quick strategy to help you become an overnight success. What do you think the biggest hurdle is for beginner internet marketers?

    • Sunny says:

      Hey Matt,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Lol that’s a good question. As a beginner I can tell that the biggest hurdle is understanding that the site needs a”digesting” the same as I do after a meal. Everything else is very easy since there is a great support coming from the amazing community!

      What is yours?

    • Lee says:

      Hi Sanela, great post and the Jazz example helped me to understand how simple (and enjoyable) this whole process can be when you build a website around a passion.

      I really like the idea of making money online but I like the idea of creating a long-term, sustainable business even more.

      In your opinion, can such a business be created with the affiliate marketing model?

      I’d love to hear your thoughts.

      • Sunny says:

        Hi Lee,
        Thank you for your comment. I am so happy that the JAZZ story made it’s point.
        I know some people from the WA that have a long term full income business and their success posts are my motivation on a daily basis.
        The catch is to stay focused and have faith that the choice you have made is the right one! That’s what is important! I believe that whatever our mind can create we can accomplish! Just keep pushing trough 🙂
        Summary: YES! The WA is absolutely the place where every passion reaches the top as high as you put yourself in!

      • Riaz Shah says:

        Hello Sanela,
        Loving your article, I really wish I had found this page 2 years ago when I first started. I started my Online Business a little late because a lot of programs I joined are all scams.

        I was tricked into joining Dot Com Secrets, CB Passive Income, even Power Lead System and they all promise you riches but I never made a single cent until WA taught me how to build my own website. I hope you can help many people succeed online, best wishes!

        • Sunny says:

          Hello Riaz,
          Thank you so much. It makes me happy to hear that.
          Those scams are such a shame. I know exactly what’s the feeling when you realize that you gave money for something that doesn’t exist.
          But that’s why award as a Wealthy Affiliate comes on the way soon or later. I hope that people will find our sites before they get scammed in the future..
          Thanks for dropping by.
          Much success too you.

        • Kevin says:

          You covered everything Sunny. Great answers to all the questions also. I know my site could use a good digesting. You really have a good mindset for affiliate marketing. You’re a good mentor.
          I wish you much success,

          • Sunny says:

            Thank you, Kevin.
            Everything I know about the affiliate marketing I thank Wealthy Affiliate. Kyle’s lessons and a great support helped me to get here where I know what I am talking about. From being a complete newbie I am pretty sure that I became someone who can help to some other new newbies 🙂

          • Rhianna says:

            Great page Sanela, your website is very informative and you have some great tips on here! I also love the layout of your site! Keep up the good work! 🙂

            • Sunny says:

              Thanks Rhianna 🙂

            • Kike says:

              Hi Sunny, I like your site, worked well, nice, simple and structured, it is well understood using the Spanish translator, congratulations on your work

              • Sunny says:

                Hi Kike, thank you very much for your kind words.
                I am so glad to hear that translator worked well for you 🙂


              • Carol says:

                I really like the way you lay everything out in simple, easy steps and your example of how to build your niche is very good. Besides following those steps I believe it takes a lot of persistence and dedication to bring it all together and make everything work. Very nice website.

                • Sunny says:

                  Thank you Carol.
                  Following steps is number 1 and yes it takes a lot of work and dedication.
                  It’s very fun though!


                • Ad walker says:

                  Great read. Easy system really shows how well this can work. Finding your niche and following the steps truly will bring you success. Great post

                  • Sunny says:

                    Thanks, Ad,
                    That’s true, this system in Wealthy Affiliate is pretty easy. It’s ery well organized though and simplified to be good for both newbies and experienced marketers.

                  • Nick says:

                    Hi Sunny,

                    Very helpful page! It is an easy, pleasant read and you really managed to divide the somewhat confusing material into understandable little chunks! Thank you for the clarification on the topic!

                    • Sunny says:

                      Hi Nick,
                      Thanks for stopping by.
                      I am glad that you liked the page and found it helpful 🙂


                    • Grace | Work Anywhere Now says:

                      This is one of the best online business models to use to make money online! I really love affiliate marketing because it’s so flexible and easy to do. Especially if you have the right training. 🙂

                      Affiliate marketing allows you to start an online business with zero to little investment compared to a product business where you have to invest in inventory.

                      There’s no better way to make money online than affiliate marketing!

                      Thanks for this post Sunny!

                      • Sunny says:

                        I am so glad you shared your opinion here Grace. I appreciate that so much.
                        Yes, affiliate marketing is a great start! By the time you start earning you already learned a lot about online marketing in general. And I need to repeat myself for who knows how many times that without the Wealthy Affiliate I would be nowhere in the online marketing world! I can proudly say that I learned way a lot in the last 138 days 🙂

                      • James says:

                        The great big secret to making money online with affiliate marketing is that there is no secret. All it takes is to follow the steps in the training as you learn all the ins and outs.

                        Success never comes overnight for anyone in affiliate marketing, it trickles in at first then starts to build as your abilities and skills develop.

                        Thanks Sunny,


                        • Sunny says:

                          Exactly! And that’s pretty awesome! The secret of making money online is following the right training, doing tasks, being patient and creative and networking with people!
                          Thanks for stopping by!

                        • Odd Helge Hveding says:

                          Hi Sunny,

                          It’s an interesting way you describe the process of making money online. The ease of it all, and how simple it can be.

                          Most newbies do struggle a bit, but what I see, as an online entrepreneur, is that those who do what they are supposed to do, instead of just wondering if they should do it – are the ones who get results fastest. Agree?

                          For your growing success,

                          Odd Helge

                          • Sunny says:

                            Yes, I agree. Doing not thinking is what is what brings a success in any field in life. The affiliate marketing is very easy to learn. I claim that even though it was very very unfamiliar to me before joining the Wealthy Affiliate.

                            Thanks for sharing.

                          • Martina says:

                            Wow you make the process sound super simple! I have gotten started with some of the basics and I think I’ve made it to around stage 4. I’m just not getting the traffic that I need to really make sales. Do you have any suggestions to fix that? Also I’ve been at it quite a while. Have you faced this challenge or is it something that I’m doing wrong you think?

                            • Sunny says:

                              Hi Martina,

                              The process of making money is extra simple when you learn it from the experts 🙂
                              Have you made it to the Phase 4 of the Bootcamp? That’s awesome! We are kinda on the same page 🙂
                              I am finishing the Phase number 5 now.

                              However, I am getting traffic, not sure how much since I didn’t spend any time to figure out the Google analytics. I have my Flag counter which tells me about my traffic in some simple way lol

                              I think you are not making any mistakes, it’s just up to Google to index your pages and rank them well. This looks like some process slow in the beginning but once it gets started rolling I think you won’t be able to stop it 🙂 Maybe you can increase sharing on the social networks. I found Linkedin and Instagram quite helpful with this.

                              Thanks for stopping by. Much success and please let me know how it goes.


                            • Warren says:

                              Sunny, this is one of the simplest, best informing articles on affiliate marketing I’ve ever read. You covered all the basics. If you can affiliate with companies that make it easy to post links then you can make some money if you have traffic. I personally don’t care much how much the commissions are. They all add up and there is no cost in posting them….win….win… Thanks for the info.

                            • RichPersonality says:

                              Haha, you made the secret of making money online so simple! And that’s good. There’s no reason to make things sound more difficult. It’s not easy to earn an income from home but it’s definitely possible if you just dedicate yourself and put some hard work into it. Success comes to those who work for it.

                              Leave a Reply