The Great Business Ideas

The great business ideasHave you ever thought about successful people and how they got to the top? What we usually see is the product, their success. But what we don’t see is how they got where they are now. We don’t see their journey, small steps they have made along, fears and struggles, their first accomplishments.
We don’t see “HOW?”!

There are many examples of the great business ideas Worldwide and I have one amazing, inspiring success story to share with you!
It is a success story about my very close friend and colleague.

His name is Vladimir (nickname Vlada and friends call him Nici). We studied acting in the same class and graduated in 2010. The same like me, as an actor, Vlada has many challenges, he fulfills his journey with ideas, travels and most of all fun! I could spend a day writing about his projects and talents. But there is something that showed up from nowhere. Something that he has never dreamed it could happen.


When you make a decision

In 2011, he decided to move out from his parents’ house and start living on his own. I would like to highlight that it is very rare to do that in Serbia (unless you are getting married). It’s tradition and culture, to stay with your family, especially if you live in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. Also, it is common to think “Why would I pay the rent when I have my home.” But, he decided to try. In the beginning, it was hard for him to manage all the expense (rent, food, gas, social life). But he got to maintain an average life.

In December 2012, I got a job with the Carnival Cruise Line and left Serbia. I haven’t seen my friend Vlada for more than seven months.

When I got back home on my vacation, I went to visit him at his new place. He took me to his office which he made out of his bedroom. There was a huge surprise. A big machine for T-shirt printing was sitting in the middle of the room, and a bunch of the white, blank T-shirts was on his bed. I was totally confused with what was going on there. Especially when he started laughing to the tears (as always :))

Here goes the story. 



When you follow your bliss 

I asked my friend Vlada to share with you (my readers), his journey himself. 

“Acting and performing only couldn’t produce an income big enough for some regular social life. I don’t think that money is everything, but it is important if you want to travel, produce new theater shows, live on your own and so on. While waiting for acting roles, and working on some projects I was thinking all the time what I could start doing, that is creative and at the same time a source of an income for everyday life. One day I woke up with an idea to start printing T-shirts.
I borrowed 650 euros for the machine and a couple of hundreds for new, white, blank T-shirts.
The only thing I knew was that I was going to find funny images and write my quotes that would fit those.
The great business ideas
I’ve printed a couple of them.
One more thing I knew for sure was that to make it work; people need to hear for my T-shirts. I named my collection “Ivica and Majica” (after brothers’ Grimm “Hansel and Gretel” story).
I created a
Facebook page and the Instagram profile.
All that I was thinking about was to make enough money to pay off my investment. It seemed to be a mission impossible.

Very soon, my collection became popular in Facebook society. 


A couple of months later..


The great business ideasOctober 29,2014.
I woke up to the great news!
My Facebook page reached  

That number was increasing from day to day, and I still couldn’t believe my eyes!

Ivica and Majica became a gift, a surprise, a wedding clothing, a way for people to express themselves. My T-shirts even crossed the Serbian border, and they are well known to citizens of the neighbors’ countries. I am also preparing a line in English and some other languages as a big surprise for Ivica and Majica fans!


The great business ideas

Finally, I realized that my new brand needs a special finishing touch and I started drawing pictures myself.

Even though I was never into drawing, I knew that this was a superb idea.

Anyways, I had nothing to lose.

I gave myself a chance.
I tried.
Well, I didn’t try – I did it!

I was 28 when I had made my first drawing.




What’s the deal?

I asked Vladimir to tell me what’s the deal.The great business ideas
I am more than happy to share his secret:

  1. Follow the bliss – When idea arrives, nothing shouldn’t stop you from making it work.
  2. Never give up – There will always be someone telling you that you dream too much. Don’t listen.
    There is no a greater mind than yours when you follow your bliss.
  3. Trust yourself – Whatever you can imagine, you can achieve
  4. Focus – Let everyone know when you work so that no one distracts you
  5. Dedicate – Dedication is the key to success (find a couple of hours on a daily basis to work on your idea) 
  6. Be happy and live your life – Don’t stop living, hang out with friends, continue with everything you’ve been doing before


About Vladimir

Vlada went further with his education. This time he studies in the college for design, and he is very excited. He didn’t give up from acting. In fact, he is a very successful actor, but he opened himself to where his bliss leads him!

I am so proud of Vlada – My friend who inspires me and makes me laugh to the tears! Nici!



My message to you

I created this page to share with you how one great idea that seemed to be just wasting money at the beginning became a great full-time business. This rule applies to each and every idea in the world, especially if you are up to an online business. Your market is the biggest in the entire World. 

So catch the moment, follow your bliss, hold on to it, and you will be facing incredible results!

I created this page thank to the Wealthy Affiliate platform where you also can start your work and learn everything about online marketing.


If you have any questions and comments, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below. If you would like to find out more about those amazing T-shirts, you are more than welcome to shout out your requests!

You can also reach me on My Wealthy Affiliate Profile. 

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  1. Simon says:

    Hi Sunny,
    What a great story about Vlada and his T-shirt printing.

    I like entrepreneurial stories like this. What I take from this story is that if you are determined to succeed and put the effort in, success is around the corner and Vlada is proof of this.

    I agree with his secrets,if you have a passion, willing to put that extra mile in and never give up anything is possible. It’s all about focussing and setting goals to lead you up the path.

    Wonderful story,

    • Sunny says:

      Hi Simon,
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Vlada is my example and inspiration! I love talking to him about his success. It’s funny how he started just for fun and to give it a try and now he can’t even believe what is going on 🙂
      It’s about this: Open the door and step out and you will find yourself where you want to be 🙂


    • Andy says:

      This is a great story. It just shows you that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

      Most business ideas come from simple ideas and if you have the will to see them through you can be successful.

      I think this post is really inspirational because it gives you and example of what it takes from start to finish. Brilliant and thank you again.

      • Sunny says:

        Hey Andy,

        Thank you so much 🙂
        I appreciate your thoughts. Yes my friend is my inspiration. I am glad you found this post inspiring for you 🙂

        Thanks again,

      • Grace | Work Anywhere Now says:

        What a great story! Sure is a great motivator for others and so inspiring!

        I know not all stories are like this but if you commit yourself, you just never know what you can achieve. It’s a great accomplishment when you do and all that work in the end will be all worth it.

        I hope to take my commitment all the way to the bank and not quitting until I get to the level I want. 🙂

        Thanks for the inspiring story Sunny!

        • Sunny says:

          Thanks, Grace 🙂
          I am glad you have found some inspiration her. I love this story as well, even more, when I know what my friend was like before. Not businessman at all lol 🙂
          And now, he is the CEO!!!

          Let’s say, we are going to get to Las Vegas next year! 🙂


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