The Affiliate Marketing Tips

The affiliate marketing tipsBefore we get to the affiliate marketing tips I share with you on this page; there is one vital information for you to know. Affiliate marketing sounds scary until you get to know it as a very simple process of making money.

All you need to do is to build your website on a topic you like to talk about, gather info and write a content interesting to your audience. Once you gain traffic, you start reviewing and promoting products related to your niche. When your visitors click on your affiliate links the affiliate programs will pay you a commission.


So what are the affiliate marketing tips?

Being at the right place 
When I say this I mean – finding a good source of information on how to use all the tools that internet provides for people that want to create their own online business.

Since you have found my site, you are already 90% in the right place. This site promotes the best online marketing university worldwide which you can join FOR FREE. If you haven’t heard before for it, now is the time to introduce you to the Wealthy Affiliate.


Taking your blogging journey as your business
When started with Wealthy Affiliate, I realized that I got all I needed to get on track. I still needed a couple of months to take it seriously.

To take it as my source of income. Maybe because I was a little shy to admit that I work online since people don’t get that hundreds of thousands of people live on an online income. So I guess I just wanted to avoid hearing ”Oh find some real job!” comments.

That didn’t last long. I presented the Wealthy Affiliate is my new school and got a sympathy from an environment, and now I can proudly say THIS IS MY JOB!
And I treat it like that by having a work time, a professional e-mail address, making business plans all the time, a new bank account is in a process.


Thinking outside the box The affiliate marketing tips
When comes to writing a content and creating a nice layout there are many ways to awakening creativity and imagination. Writing a blog you tend to be as close as you can to an everyday conversation so that people like to read your texts and get into interaction with you.

But also you want to get on your side an entirely different kind of individuals from all over the world, from different cultures with different opinions than yours. And you want ALL OF the THEM to love you!

Or at least, to visit your blog 🙂


Being relaxed
Being relaxed will increase creativity and produce content. You can do it! If I can, trust me, you will do it too. If English is your first language, you are in a better position than me. But if you are holding back because you think that your English is not sufficient because it’s not your native language, JUST RELAX. Neither is mine. I am from Serbia, and I am doing just fine 🙂


A good organization The affiliate marketing tips
Since as an affiliate marketer you are on your own, your ”boss” and a co-worker, being kind to yourself is critical. Self-support, self-esteem, not criticizing and judging yourself are the components of a good self-leader.

Open a new notebook where you will write down your ideas wherever you are.


Keep up a business journal
As a Wealthy Affiliate member, you will get your blog for free. I use it as my journal where I write about my experience here on a daily basis. It helps me to keep tracking of my improvement, provides an excellent communication with other members; it serves as a valuable source of information about my work.


Network network and network The affiliate marketing tips
I was just about to deactivate my Facebook account before I have found the Wealthy Affiliate. In fact, Facebook is just one of the social networks that one affiliate marketer needs for his job. There is a bunch of other online social networks that need to be active, and I will talk about that later in my Social Networks Journal


The most important tip I could imagine is to love what you do! I love writing and talking to you. I am enjoying it. I have made this page on one breath. That says a lot, right?


I will be more than happy to read about your experience in an online business. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask down below in a comment section.  

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  1. Andrew says:

    Hi Sunny! Thank you for the great tips. I am going to try some of them, it seems really easy. Best wishes with your online business

    • Sunny says:

      Thanks Andrew.
      I am so glad you’ve found this post inspiring 🙂

      Best of luck to you too!

    • Simon says:

      Hi Sunny,
      Wow! Surprised you are from Serbia and English isn’t your first language.

      You really do write well I must say, very naturally written content here. You create your written speech better than I do and I am English. Putting me to shame!

      Networking really is key to this role, I do agree. At Wealthy Affiliate we all help each other succeed and that is purely down to networking with each other.

      Anyone who is determined has to have a blogging journal and setting goals works to your benefit too.
      I always have weekly goals I set, then break it down to daily goals. It’s amazing how much you achieve in a weeks work doing this.

      Keep up the great work Sunny,

      • Sunny says:

        Haha you made me laugh by saying that my written speech is better than yours.
        That also make me flattered (if that’s the word lol).

        I think as well that networking within the Wealthy Affiliate is the best in the world!
        So many positive people and such a good vibe are 2 most important things for having a good time while working.
        We make a great team here Simon 🙂

        All the best and see you in Las Vegas!

      • Gina says:

        Hi Sunny,
        Excellent tips on Affiliate Marketing. I agree you have to love what you do. Wealthy Affiliate is a great opportunity and joining for free makes it even better.
        I wish you lots of success!

        • Sunny says:

          Thanks, Gina 🙂
          Love is everything!
          Much success to you too.

        • Grace says:

          Hi Sunny,

          Thanks for the tips!! I know I gotta do more of everything on your list but the one that stands out the most is “Being Relaxed”! I need to do that more for sure. I think I’m just too stressed all the time and that will hurt my work productivity.

          I always like a good reminder to take care of myself so thank you!

          Take care,

          • Sunny says:

            You are welcome Grace.
            Looking forward to accomplishing all of the tips, by the time you will get there 🙂
            That’s how a great journey looks like. Always something to aim for!
            And being relaxed is number one priority 🙂


          • Richard says:

            Hi, Sunny. I wanted to single out one of your tips and comment on it. But they are all such good tips that I couldn’t pick one or two.
            Right now I’m working to increase my social network, which is difficult for an introvert like me.
            Do you have any suggestions?


            • Sunny says:

              Hi Richard,
              Trust me I struggle with that part too. Not from the same reason but still it’s difficult.
              I was about to delete my FB account and then I realized that I was going to need it if I want to be active and successful in the online world.

              I think that the only solution is to do it. Nothing less than that. Start with Facebook and creating a page and a group there.
              Completely separately from your personal Facebook account and friends there. That’s my plan 🙂

            • James says:

              I actually had a website and I called it…

              Affiliate Marketing Tips Today….

              But I realized that I was spreading myself too thin and now I concentrate on my favourite site which is


              Go take a looksy, Sunny, tell me what you think!



              • Sunny says:

                I checked your website and am truly amazed!!!
                Thanks a lot 🙂

              • Odd Helge Hveding says:


                these tips are great. You make it sounds so easy (and since I know it is, I just admire your way of telling it, lol)

                Keeping up the spirit is about getting into the habit of getting things done, and with these tips, I’m sure a lot of people can start there business and make it run sooner than later.

                Thanks for your inspiration!

                Odd Helge

                • Sunny says:

                  Thanks Odd.
                  I am so happy to hear that you got inspired too.
                  It’s very important to maintain good habits and stay focused on the work but also to have a good plan and not to be hard on yourself even when you don’t stick with it.
                  All is well.


                • Alain Diza says:

                  My affiliate blogs were stagnant for so long. I didn’t made any sales and wanted to quit, however I am very hopefull after reading your article. Seems I can see a light and feels excited again. Hope to see my first sale after I will apply what you had said. I appreacite you posted something like this to help us newbie. 🙂

                  • Sunny says:

                    Hey Alain,
                    Thanks for stopping by. I’ve been in the quite same situation for a while. But what I discovered is that once when money and earning income becomes more important than actual enjoyment everything slows down.
                    Just try to find your initial goal why you started with the Wealthy Affiliate without making any plans for income and you might find more excitement in working on your website.

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