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I have never wanted to get involved in social networking. Opening this social networks journal is my way to get over socializing in a virtual world.  I have to start from some point, the one which makes me feel comfortable. Sharing with you each of my steps of this journey will make it more enjoyable and easier for me. 


One word.

Social networks journal

It seems to be one of the most famous words of the 21st century. It means a lot. It is socializing in another way, a new way, today’s way. Something that cannot be avoided anymore. In life in general, but especially if you, like me, are starting your online business.


It’s time to network!

I was supposed to do this a long time ago, but to be honest, I was avoiding it just because I avoid everything that is popular even when is useful. However, as an online entrepreneur, I have to think outside the box.  Social networking for an online business is like a cash register for a marketplace. Since it is the key to success, I have to do it 🙂

If this is your first time to visit my site I warmly welcome you to the Wealthy Affiliate review page.

As per my training at the Wealthy Affiliate, I have to activate an account on at least three primary social networks: Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. 

For me, Facebook is the only social network I’ve been using actively. For the other ones I might have heard about and have opened accounts for some of them, but haven’t spent any time long enough to get to know them.

Believe it or not, there are over 100 of social networks in the world.

Social networks journey





It’s not that all of them will work for my online business, but most of them will. It also depends on what is the topic of your website.

If you write about an online dating, you might want to be a very active member of the social networks for the online dating. That was the first thing I could remember. There are many options. For instance, if you write about art, you want to be a member of the social networks focused on artwork. There are thousands of choices in an online world.

However, there are some global networks which don’t divide people into the groups as per place of birth or the place of living, job, hobby, religion, marital status.
Those networks are the first ones on the list of my social networks journal.

Facebook, Google+, Twitter followed by LinkedIn, Meetup, and some other. I have found a list of 21 most influential social networks and will follow that list.

My plan and a concept of the social networks journal

I have opened the Twitter and Google + account already but didn’t figure out how to use them just yet. I was hoping to find some good tutorials easy to follow. I will try to make your journey easier by sharing my experience. I am looking forward to making training and tutorial for each of the social networks that I figure out how to use.

This page is going to be an experimental page and at the same time a kind invitation for you to join me in creating a place for all the newbies in the online world. All your help and tips will be much appreciated. I am hoping to hear about your experience.

Can’t wait for the day to feel comfortable using all the other networks as I feel using Facebook. That’s why I will start from it!
Whenever I open a new account on some other network, I will briefly describe a process and benefits of being a member of that platform. Let’s see how it goes.

Once again I am inviting you to share your experience in a comment section below. If you have any questions and concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask. 

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  1. Simon says:

    Hi Sunny,
    Wonderful information regarding Social Media here.

    I use Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest at present.

    I receive quite a bit of traffic through Facebook but it does vary. Sometimes I write what I consider is a great article that will bring in traffic only to receive 1 or 2 visitors, then on the following day I share a link which I consider to have a slow response receives 50 – 60 visitors – It’s weird!

    I like Pinterest but it is purely visual so as you say it depends on what you are promoting.

    Twitter I have loads of followers but don’t see much in terms of traffic.

    Google+ is the most important to receive Rankings in the Search Engines but watch how many affiliate links your posts have as they do not like them.

    Thanks again,

    • Sunny says:

      Hi Simon,
      Thank you for these informations. I am looking for some training to get to know those social networks. Although I saw that in the WA I can find tutorials on this topic.
      I think that at the end turns to a good choice of keywords and trust gained with Google itself.

    • James says:

      Social Media should be utilized to the max if you want extra traffic on your website,

      I have a friend who refuses to use social media because he doesn’t like it.

      I told him it doesn’t matter what he likes, it’s what his visitors to his site like, that matters most.

      • Sunny says:

        Hm you see, that’s exactly what I learned too. I now have my Twitter and Pinterest and other social networks active and that reminds me on updating my social networks journal 🙂

      • Jessica says:

        I recently started joining groups on Facebook related to my niche. I look at the rules for each group, and if allowed, I can post links to my website content. If not allowed, I answer people’s questions and post a link (if it is directly related) at the end of my answer. So far this has worked and none of the admins have said anything is wrong!

        For example. My site is about cat health and behavior. I join cat groups on Facebook. I answer someone’s question there about their cat having bad breath. I add my post link for the supplement I review for that condition.

        I have made a few sales there but not many. I am looking forward to starting my own Facebook business page and exploring other social media groups. So far I have used Google plus, Flipboard and Quora. Flipboard was the most successful.

        Have you had much success with Facebook?

        I hope you are doing well with your worldwide social outreach!!

        • Sunny says:

          Hi Jessica,
          Thank you so much for your share.
          I have been lucky with Facebook as well. I joined tens of the groups and posted my link and it was pretty much successful. I got some referrals I believe from those groups.
          I also use Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter.
          It’s kinda fun thing getting followers 🙂

          All the best to you 🙂

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