My Experience At Wealthy Affiliate

My experience at Wealthy Affiliate

My experience at Wealthy Affiliate started on September 5th, 2015.

When I signed up for the free starter membership, I was super excited to have found this platform. I’ve spent a couple of days and nights reading, surfing, searching through the site. Started both Certification and Bootcamp training and was going through the lessons with such ease. 

After seven days I upgraded for the premium membership on a monthly basis. I’ve got a first-month discount and paid only $19. Every other month was $47. I even bought a domain for handmade jewelry and art products. But I still didn’t get into building a story.  

Then I had to go back to ”reality” where internet connection is a luxury. Working on the ship, planning the future in the meantime and traveling didn’t go together with sitting in front of the computer. I had to do other stuff. Now I know for sure that I wasn’t ready enough to give myself a chance.

But I’ve never stopped paying for my membership. I would connect here and there just to see what was going on within the platform. I was out in about knowing that I was going to get into the right moment for building my success story!


Making a life changing decisions

Ten months after I have opened my account at the Wealthy Affiliate, I decided to make a commitment and take advantage of my membership. I have paid for an annual membership and my real journey to success has finally started on July 26th, 2016.

I’ve changed my plan and goals within my WA profile description and started a blog called I CAN DO IT! 

It has been 88 days (like 88 keys lol) since I truly committed myself to my online success. My ”I can do it” blog journal has been created ever since then on a daily basis. It keeps tracking all that I study and work on throughout a day. My progress and failures, my happiness and struggles, questions and answers, concerns, support, motivation, everything that takes one such a big and long journey – CREATING AN ONLINE BUSINESS.

Through my blog, I network with the Wealthy Affiliate members, learn from them and share my experience and knowledge, life philosophy and inspiring stories. I also get my ideas recorded and sometimes developed right there in my Wealthy Affiliate blog journal.


The little voice in my head

I was struggling to find content for My Sweet Financial Freedom site. Finding inspiration and motivation was hard. But I knew that all the great ideas show up to me whenever I don’t expect them. So I decided to focus on my lessons and keep on my journal, and I knew that the answer was going to happen in no time.

 My experience at Wealthy AffiliateOne night I went to sleep, and in my meditation routine I asked a simple question
”What I could write about so that I enjoy writing and that people enjoy reading?”

After only a few minutes I heard a little whispering voice again:
”Write about your experience at the Wealthy Affiliate.” 

You know those A-HA moments? That was the one! I took my phone, opened a keyword tool and found the right name for my new page! That’s the page you are reading now. And this is one great big start!

I will go back to each of the daily blogs and create a post on my experience from day one until my first million 🙂 And you will be witnessing all the steps I accomplished along the journey!

At this time I would like to ask you to feel free to ask questions, leave your comments, start conversations, on everything you would like to know related to my journey! We are going to travel together!

Buckle your seat belt and get ready! We are taking off!!!

Below is a comment section.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

I would also more than appreciate your opinion and thoughts.🙂

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  1. Grace says:

    Wow! Loved reading your “I CAN DO IT” post in Wealthy Affiliate! I’m glad you took that step and started committing to YOUR life as an internet marketer!

    Your experience is awesome to read about and I feel the same way with my experience there. The lessons push me to keep writing while also learning from so many others like yourself. 🙂

    There’s really no telling how much we can accomplish if we put our mind to it!

    To much success to you Sunny!

    • Sunny says:

      Thanks, Grace.
      That was the best commitment I could make! I can’t believe that it has been 88 days since July 26th lol
      Time flies so fast when you are busy 🙂

      Focus, determination, and faith are so important here.

      I wish much success to you too 🙂

    • Wiener Junior Jean Baptiste says:

      Hey Sunny,

      I love your story. That aha moment you had at night resonates with me a lot.

      I’ve had a few of those that I haven’t taken action on…until now 🙂

      Keep up the good work I’m sure many people will benefit from you sharing your experience at Wealthy Affiliate.

      • Sunny says:

        Thank you so much! I really appreciate your words.
        And I am glad that you have started taking action on your aha moments 🙂


        • James says:

          Sometimes I have those Aha moments in my dreams as I sleep.

          I wake up and go “YESSSSS! That’s it!, Eureka!”

          But Laugh A Heck of a lot after because it was so simple I should have had that Aha moment a lot sooner.

          Thanks for a cool post, Sunny

          • Sunny says:

            Lol that’s so funny! Thanks James 🙂 Haha

          • Shakeer says:

            A very nice story:) I’m sure this is going to be motivating a lot of people to take action.

            Keep hustling, more is still to come;)

            Thanks for this…Really helped

            • Sunny says:

              Thanks Shakeer.
              I really appreciate your kind words and I am happy that you got motivated 🙂


            • Simon says:

              Hi Sunny,
              88 days in and you’ve really embedded your foundations on the web – Well done!

              You and I started with Wealthy Affiliate at about the same time. Isn’t it incredible what you can achieve in such a short space of time when you show determination in a project.

              You have moved mountains setting your goals. Every day your website is increasing it’s presence on the web, attracting visitors and that’s the name of the game. Earning revenue becomes second nature once you master traffic and you’re well on your way to achieving that.

              Keep up the good work,

              • Sunny says:

                Hi Simon,
                You said it very well. “Earning revenue becomes second nature once you master traffic”. It’s good not to be obsessed with a future income, but work on the actual goals through the tasks you have, instead, is the best way to achieve an online income increase 🙂
                Expecting it but not waiting for it! That’s the key 😀

                88 days since I’ve made my commitment. It’s gone so fast!

                Keep in touch and thanks for being there to support!

              • Odd Helge Hveding says:

                WOW, take-off!

                thank you for your great inspiration. How great it must be to have all your posts ready through your blog journal. What a great way to keep building content to a site. A wonderful idea, thanks for sharing this with the world 🙂

                All the best for your success

                Odd Helge

                • Sunny says:

                  It was one of the A-HA moments lol
                  There is a lot of that to write about from my blogs at the Wealthy Affiliate.
                  I am glad you got inspired too!!!

                  Thanks for stopping by.

                • Keith Maki says:

                  You have a great site here! I love reading about your inspiration and desire to succeed! You are an amazing person both here and at WA! I wish you the best and I know 2017 will be great for you! Thank you for inspiring me to push on and do better! Keith

                  • Sunny says:

                    Thank you Keith so much for your very kind words 🙂
                    I appreciate that a lot.
                    All the best to you as well and I hope to see you on the top!

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