Learn and Earn

Have you ever got paid when you passed your exam in the school? Have you ever had a chance to learn and earn at the same time? 

Learn and earnWealthy Affiliate is probably the first ”school” where your grades are going to be your actual income! Like most of you, I have spent 16 years going to school regularly until I graduated from the University.

I finally have a chance to learn and earn an income on the actual topic which I am studying while studying and gaining knowledge. Just by going through my classes and doing my tasks in a real time, nothing more than that, dollars are smiling to me. You are probably now wondering how is that possible. Please read further.

Education That Pays For Itself

Let’s take, for example, the lessons from the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp.

To get to the 2nd class, I have to finish the tasks from the first class that Kyle (one of 2 co-founders of the WA) gives to us. To get to the 3rd one, I have to accomplish the second class and so on. 

Learn and earn Learn and earn







That means, since I am learning how to build my online business, I create my site, use tools, create pages all by myself according to Kyle’s lessons in a real time.

Learn and earn


Learn and earn

One secret – Creating this page that you are reading is one of the tasks as well 🙂
I found in the course what to do and how to do it, but everything else is on me (the page title, design, images)



That’s why I say that an education that we have in the Wealthy Affiliate University is the education that pays for itself!

They say TIME IS MONEY right? Well, that’s true.
Whether you are a Starter Member of the WA or you decide to go for the Premium Membership, your time spent here at the WA will pay off itself with excellent knowledge and income. How much? That depends on you. 


Full-Time Student Income

Since I started with the lessons for this particular niche, building this website which promotes the Wealthy Affiliate I’ve got many referrals. Those are people that used my affiliate link to sign up for free for the Wealthy Affiliate. And I am going to share with you one of many emails that made me smile big

Learn and earn

I would also like to introduce you to one big deal here!
As a WA member, I get that chance to blog within the platform, create tutorials and training. 

Here is one example. When I had a task to add clickable banners on my site which lead to the WA sign up page like this one I had a hard time.

I was asking questions, trying to figure out in every possible way!
Here is my
blog post from that day when I  got stressed out because that technical part was such a struggle for me to figure out!
And here is the support from the amazing community that works as a team 🙂

Learn and earn

Finally after four days

I found my way. Now here is a great part. I created a tutorial for adding clickable banners on the site’s page.  I just wanted to share with members the easiest way that I have figured out.


A few days ago I found an email in my inbox:

Learn and earn


After that one, I got one more for one other tutorial that I have created. I was super happy! I didn’t have any idea that I was going to earn income on these as well!!! Later, I realized that Kyle was mentioning that part in training but I probably missed that information since I was completely lost in new terminology for me at that time! 

My dear friends, those ways to earn income while studying within the WA University are just sided ways.
Two main ways that WA teaches me are on the following two pages:

Wealthy Affiliate – Affiliate Program

Your Passion Is Your Business

Or you can go directly to the Wealthy Affiliate platform clicking on the image below

Learn and earn

See You There!!!

Below is a comment section.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

I would also more than appreciate your opinion and thoughts.🙂

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  1. Duane Denver Payne says:

    You give me inspiration and a will to learn.Great to meet a person like you online.have a great day.

    • Sunny says:

      I am so happy to hear that! Go for it! And read the success stories within the WA Dashboard. That’s what I do before getting into my site!

    • Skylet says:

      I love your article on WA. They seem to make it very easy to create your own online business. I think affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money from home, and this company seems very legit! Its great to see that you are actually getting real life results as well!

      • Sunny says:

        Thanks Skylet, I appreciate that.

        Affiliate marketing is definitely a great way and I am so happy to share my experience with the WA since I am having such a good time here! Much success to you as well and keep in touch! 🙂


      • Caroline says:

        Hi Sunny,

        It’s great to read about your real experiences and I can see that you have had to work hard to get your website up and running. It’s also inspiring that anybody can do this, and your screenshots from asking questions just shows how genuine you are! How long has your site been running for now?

        • Sunny says:

          Hi Caroline,

          Thanks a lot for your comment 🙂
          I created this site on August 23rd this year, so it has been running a little bit more than one month. I put so many hours into it really and it pays off definitely 🙂

          Are you also taking the WA Bootcamp?

        • JeffWA says:

          Hi Sanela,
          It is so true in what you say regarding Wealthy Affiliate. Taking part in the tutorials and tasks one should think of it as getting paid at some point. It’s because with the educational knowledge that you receive here at WA, you can go on and earn $$ either through eventually posting training tutorials yourself at the site, but also through what you can earn as you attract other individuals into this organization as affiliates.

          I was so impressed looking at the images of what you did as visual aids while your were going through the training, undoubtedly meant to help you along the path of your learning and gaining knowledge.

          Wealthy Affiliate without question stands alone as the best company on the Internet that provides the greatest training, tools and community support to allow a person to slowly grow a successful business.

          I wish you continued success in your online business ventures Sanela!

          Being a member of WA is like attending the best university possible in the genre of marketing/online businesses.


          • Sunny says:

            Hi Jeff,
            Thank you so much for you comment and time you took to write it down. I am glad that you gave such an honest testimony on WA University topic 🙂
            I appreciate that! And notes, oh yes, they were so helpful, they are even now when I need to go back on some task while creating my websites.
            Wish much success as well and see you in LA 😉

          • Simon says:

            Hi Sunny,
            Education does pay for itself at Wealthy Affiliate.

            I couldn’t believe it when I was working my way through course 1 on the training. I had added a few affiliate links in-among my website and posted the links via Social Media just like they asked us to do in the training.

            Low and behold I started to earn revenue simply by people clicking on my link, getting interested in the promotional product I was portraying and purchasing.

            You get a real buzz when this happens and I was still on course 1 learning away.
            I’m still working my way through, progressing like so many other member.
            It’s great fun.

            All the best,

            • Sunny says:

              Wow Simon, that’s awesome!!!
              I love to hear a success stories like this within the WA! That’s so motivational!
              I bet you were so happy getting notifications 🙂
              Keep up a great work and keep in touch!

            • Norman Richards says:

              Hello it is great to hear that your hard work is paying of, It is a great feeling to learn while you earn. keep up the good work all the best to you and have a good day.

              • Sunny says:

                Thank you Norman,
                I really appreciate your support 🙂
                I am so happy whenever I get an e-mail from Kyle and Carson with some good news. That’s what we all are searching for. Results of a hard work no matter what they are..

                Good day to you as well,

              • Kathy Keith says:

                Your article clearly demonstrates the value of the training and support at Wealthy Affiliate. Free support and training are one of the main things that are so attractive at Wealthy Affiliate. Great article!

                • Sunny says:

                  Thanks Kathy,
                  I am so happy to hear that! That’s my goal! To really show how this works and share my honest opinion built on my own experience.

                  So glad that my page works 🙂


                • James says:

                  The pay it forward approach works well at WA.

                  Beginners who come in learn from those who were once also beginners. They pass it on when they learn and the chain continues. This is an awesome way to learn quickly from your fellow students.

                  There is much to learn and much to implement for success.

                  I hope everyone reading this will join WA with you, Sunny, because you’ve taught me so much within Wealthy Affiliate I don’t know where to begin!!!


                  • Sunny says:

                    Thanks Jimbo,
                    That’s so kind of you 🙂
                    I am happy to hear that my share taught you something since you are a real expert!

                  • Odd Helge Hveding says:

                    Nice presentation of a wonderful system, was my immediate thoughts.

                    This must be a great opportunity for any student, instead of finding a low paid job, where they have to work like heroes for nothing.

                    Your presentation is a real inspiration, and the possibilities seems to be endless.

                    This must also be a wonderful opportunity for anyone who needs some extra cash to make life go around, and with the power this platform has with the training, I wonder, is it possible to NOT succeed? … just asking…

                    • Sunny says:

                      I think it’s not possible to fail here unless you give up. That’s my 2 cents. I am pretty sure in the possibility to succeed with the support of the Wealthy Affiliate.
                      Here you get everything, and the rest is on you 🙂

                      Thanks for your testimony, Odd.

                    • Jacob Schilling says:

                      Hi Sunny, great overview. I didn’t know you could actually make any money by making training blogs and videos on WA. This is something I should take into consideration, so thank you for your input. Now then, to think about something unique I know about the trade that hasn’t been included on the WA platform so far…

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