Getting Started

Getting started at Wealthy Affiliate Are you tired of feeling stuck at the bottom of your wallet with a calculator in other hand trying to figure out HOW WHERE and WHEN?
Or even worse, you have a lot of money, but you don’t have time for a nice vacation?
If your answer is YES, then you are at the right place!
All that you need is your unique and very own FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

So let’s Get Started! 

Here at the Wealthy Affiliate,  you will get all that you need to pack your luggage and fly away! Whether you are still looking for ideas or you already are an owner of a successful business this is a place where you can increase your income as much as you wish. 
It is very simple. You just need to make a decision to stick around for the next few minutes. And your money is on the way!
It sounds like a fairy tale. I know. I’ve been there. But hold on, soon enough you will smile big!

Now, let’s see.

What do you need to start an online business?

desktop or laptop.

Whatever you have or like more 🙂
Don’t worry if you don’t have one! You still can use your smartphone to go through the lessons and to build up your business you can manage from some library or internet center or a coffee shop 🙂

What do you need to start an online businessJust remember,
there is always some solution for each and every challenge in life!

What do you need to start an online business


That’s what made you search for online job opportunities. And if you ever get to the point that you want to give up, or you feel lazy to start or whatever holds you back, just remember that first moment! Mine always gets me back to my computer 🙂

What do you need to start an online businessA little free time

You don’t need much time, but soon or later you will give it more and more because you will realize that how much time you put in your own business, that much success you will face. Fair enough, isn’t it? I started with a couple of hours per day, but today I work for 8 hours and honestly I don’t feel it. At the end of the day, this is very creative job.

I like that old one ”Time Is Money”.
In this case, it is, and that feels good!

What do you need to start an online business

Support and knowledge

Well, this is the best part!
You don’t have to have any online experience! Everything you need to know about the online business, you will find here at the Wealthy Affiliate.
It is an amazing community where you will meet people from all over the world, all kinds of profiles. Trust me, whatever you ask, they will give you the answer! Sometimes, I think it’s better than googling 🙂
If you ever get stuck like I did many times, you just need to shout out ”HELP” and support is on the way in no time!

The Wealthy Affiliate is in the first place An Online Business University,
The place where you Learn AND Earn 


Free will to learn, create and make an income

I already mentioned in the About Me page that I got to practice my English working for the Carnival Cruise Line for 3 and a half years. I had a very well passive knowledge since English classes are mandatory in schools in Serbia, but before I joined my first ship, I haven’t had many chances to talk to the native English speakers for more than a couple hours per week during some acting workshops.

So being a crew member was my best language school I could attend.
As someone who’s mother tongue is Serbian, and the second language is English, I was very concern about writing and building an online business in my second language. That meant that entire World was going to read what I write LOL

I was concerned even though I speak a fluent English.
Hey! The entire world will read my content!

And at that moment my dear little voice whispered again:
”It’s good that you are aware that you found a great job!”

Getting Started
”Always look at the bright side of life!” 
There is nothing that can stop you accept YOU!

My dear friends, this is the point where I will let you explore more through this site. There is always something new here.
As I said, it’s progressive, creative, fun work based on a free will to earn while learning and hanging out with awesome people!
If you have some questions and wonders, don’t hesitate to write them down.

See you around!
Have a SUNNY day!

Free counters! Below is a comment section.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

I would also more than appreciate your opinion and thoughts.🙂



  1. Keldyn Francis says:

    Wealth Affiliate is a fantastic program for those wanting to make money from affiliate marketing. After 4 weeks of using this program I started earning money so the results can happen quickly if you choose follow the program and make wise decisions. How many websites do you have now and how did you find getting started?

    • Sunny says:

      That’s great to hear! Congratulations 🙂
      For me this is the place to be.
      I have this and a couple of more sites started.
      One is
      And the other one is (which I am building for my friend)

      And what about you?

    • Greg Montgomery says:

      Wealthy Affiliate is the only platform that is extremely cost efficient. This is where you want to start to be able to get an advanced knowledge of any web-based business. The training is cutting edge an has real time applicability to were you can be up and running in hours, not days. There are many others out there that profess how your success can start immediately, but not before you have put hundreds of dollars in. Wealthy Affiliate lets you do much of your training and building for free. You just can’t beat it!

      • Sunny says:

        You are completely right! It’s the place that offers “learn and earn” time to everyone!

      • Brandon Albright says:

        Hi Sunny, great article. It’s great to see how Wealthy Affiliate has inspired you to pursue your dreams. I’ve recently started myself and am amazed by all that I’ve learned so far. I’ve also found a great community where everyone goes out of their way to help others succeed. Seems like your willing to put in the work to make your dreams a reality. Best of luck.

        • Sunny says:

          Thanks Brandon, I totally agree. The WA platform inspires 300% and I am amazed how people from the community don’t let you give up EVER! 🙂

          Much success to you as well!

        • Rosie says:

          Hello Sunny, enjoyed your site. I’m like you been scammed a time or two in my life time but, no more now that I’ve signed up with WA. I love your enthusiasm keep up the good work.

          • Sunny says:

            Thanks Rosie, I appreciate that.
            Yes you are completely right! No more scams. In fact, with this knowledge I think that I would be able to recognize them even before that click 🙂
            Hope to see you in Las Vegas 🙂

          • Mike says:

            Love your website and the layout is fantastic, will this system really work for everybody.
            I will come back and check out more information later.

            • Sunny says:

              Thanks Mike. I really appreciate your time and your opinion.
              And you are right! This system works for everybody. Especially after it’s proved that works for me 🙂

            • James says:

              Yes, it will, Mike! But you have to do the actual work, and there’s a lot to learn.

              Even if you never built a website, the program Sunny is telling you about here will suit you. It’s for complete beginners, intermediates and advanced marketers alike.

              I was a complete beginner and never heard of WordPress before I joined at Wealthy Affiliate in July 2015.

              Now I know sh$t loads that I could never have imagined. And yes, the training there really works.