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Freedom for free

But let’s start from the beginning.

I graduated acting from the University of Arts and always dreamed of getting into showbiz.
You know t
he great American dream.
If I can make it there, I’ll make it everywhere…

I achieved one step at a time, studying, learning, sailing, earning, saving, traveling. But all the time something was missing. Even though working for the cruise line I was making a decent income; I still felt that something was missing.

I started looking for a new job that would increase my income but at the same would give me that freedom to travel the world attending auditions and different acting workshops. A source of an income big enough to cover all the expenses for my travels.

I thought what I could do. I was thinking for a long time.
And finally, one little voice whispered: ”Try to earn money online.” 

Freedom For FreeI thought ”Sounds like a plan”

..and decided to check what was out there. I found many offers, pre-signed up for a few of them, started getting emails with online job offers.


I was scammed

Not once but twice!

One cost me $1 for the first month and other one $97 and that was a discounted prize! I was lucky! I even got a discount 🙂 After a few weeks of useless trying to figure out how to get into a correct procedure; I finally managed to reach a potential scammer and convince them to send my $97 back since I was apparently ripped off. 

The other one? Well..
All the ”tools” I’ve got from them were not in use anymore. That is what my manager told me. I was supposed to pay another 97$ to get new software. After that phone call, I went to my bank and asked for a new visa card. And it took me more than a month to get rid of the spam emails in my inbox.


And then

Not so much time after that, I decided to give it a try again.
I was googling about online scams. And the first site I opened was talking about me 🙂 
I mean, not exactly about me, but I completely found myself in that story. After all those chapters full of ”sad” stories, the lady started talking about one and the only great chance for making money online!

The one that was going to change my life for free! Yes, MY LIFE! Again, she was talking about me!

And she offered to click on the little ”Changing my life” square like this one:

After being scammed twice I didn’t have much trust in any offer online, but since this one was FOR FREE, I decided to give it a try only if they were not going to ask me for my credit card number. And guess what! They were not. I got a chance without any potential threat.

I felt completely safe. And I still do. That little square changed my life that day.. my life and my perspective.

Wealthy Affiliate is the only online platform that gives a chance to try the program to the fullest before deciding whether to go or not to go for the premium membership. However, you can also choose to stay on a FREE STARTER MEMBERSHIP forever or until you decide to upgrade. Even as a STARTER you have all that you need to build your own business. 

Making money isn’t magic
But it is magical.
Just give it a try 

And I promise to you
You will never say that word goodbye 😉

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  1. Grace says:

    And what a GREAT find you found! I am also a Wealthy Affiliate member and I love it! I can definitely vouch that it’s an awesome platform to learn how to build a niche website and so easily too! The training is amazing and the community of people that help you is incredible! I only wish I found it earlier! 🙂

    • Sunny says:

      Yes Grace, you are so right!
      Where else in the world you can find ”pay as you work” opportunity, a great team, so approachable company owners all at the same place?
      I am so happy to be here!
      Thanks for your support 🙂


    • Norman Richards says:

      You have a very beautiful website, I like the layout, the pictures and what your article is talking about, and what better way than to find that than here at wealthy affiiate. Keep up the good work.

      • Sunny says:

        Thank you so much.Yes, this is the only place that offers all in one – the school and a great chance to make as much income as you wish 🙂 I wish you all the best and much success as well.


      • Simon says:

        Hi Sunny,
        I found Wealthy Affiliate in similar circumstances to you – Yep, I’ve been scammed too and it hurts.

        The reason I joined is because it’s free to start which enables you to do your own review at no cost and because of the thousands of people that have already been taught by WA are creating their own successful online businesses. If they can do this, why can’t I.

        If anyone is interested it costs nothing to start – you’ve nothing to lose..

        Thanks for your story – Here’s to your success,

        • Sunny says:

          Hi Simon,
          Thanks for your kind words and such a nice support.
          Being scammed prior joining the WA hurt but as soon as I found this platform I found the secret of making money online 🙂

          I wish you much success too.


        • James says:

          The scams are over now you found WA, Simon. How are you finding it there, if I might ask.

          It’s such a big place I haven’t met you yet and I’ve been there 18 months now.

          To your success!

          Contact me if you need any help.

        • Duane Denver Payne says:

          you inspire me.

          • Sunny says:

            Duane, I am so glad to hear that 🙂
            Thanks a lot!


          • Duane Denver Payne says:

            I am glad I follow you and now I hope I get some luck my way.See you inside WA.

            • Sunny says:

              Thanks and yes, go for it! Just remember your dreams and you’ll find your way!

            • Therese Roth says:

              What a stroke of luck!
              I am a member of WA too!
              I’ve been with them since February of this year, and I am still as excited as I was on the first day!
              The people behind the platform are people who are not afraid of work and they are professionals. That means they don’t need to scam anybody to make money, and it is possible for them to add their great knowledge and experience as education.
              It’s top quality, and I’ve never before experienced such help and support from people who are independent themselves, and making their own way.
              I wouldn’t trade this surprising and lasting reality for any other offer….
              Thanks for the way you stand behind WA, this convinces me even more…


              • Sunny says:

                Thanks Therese for your amazing comment on the WA and a support that you gave me.
                I am so happy to be part of the community where people are not afraid of being honest, helping each other, ”giving” out their ideas.
                Three words – Great team work – although we are all independent here. And we all run our own business!
                I have never been in the company like the Wealthy Affiliate is!
                Thanks for being part of it so unselfishly 🙂


              • Subhabrata Guha says:

                Hi there…
                I have gone through your website.It is nicely made.So many information about the relent topics and solution for problems. I appreciate the hard work you did. Keep on going. Stay blessed.

                • Sunny says:

                  Thanks a lot. I appreciate that.
                  I am trying to share my own experience to the fullest 🙂
                  Best of luck to you as well and have a great weekend!


                • Odd Helge Hveding says:

                  Hi Sunny,
                  I’m sorry you were scammed, like so many others, me included. You did a great job getting out of it, so I’m happy for you. It’s an experience it’s important to pass on, so thank you for sharing.

                  You mentioned that you were searching for sites about scams online, and luckily you will always find someone who share their story on how the scamming works in different companies. It’s of course sad that some people do everything to make life miserable for others, but truth is probably the lack of good experience in their own life. We have to be sorry for them, and forgive them for not knowing better.

                  I tried to find a scam report for Wealthy affiliate, and I found a lot. The “problem” was, I didn’t find a single one who said that WA could be a scam. Not even the ones that hadn’t had the success said they were sorry for entering WA. Everyone have a good experience, even if they don’t quite make it as successful as they had hoped for.

                  That says a lot about what a great system this is. Other systems are usually called scam when people don’t succeed, even those who are serious.

                  I’m happy for your success, and thanks again for sharing your story. I’m grateful.

                  Odd Helge

                  • Sunny says:

                    I think that being scammed before finding the Wealthy Affiliate is a good thing because you can recognize what the good system is. Right?
                    What you said about reports on the Wealthy Affiliate being a scam, yes you are right, there is not even one report. If you find a title of the page saying something like The Wealthy Affiliate is a scam that’s just because that kind of a title name is great keyword lol 🙂

                    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

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