Financial Freedom Guide

Accepting money and loving it is the first step to Financial Freedom. As everything around you, money can feel your love. And it will give you love back! Trust me! I also grew up believing that money is dirty and smells bad. Let me tell you something! I don’t think like that anymore.

That’s the same pattern as the one ”Money doesn’t fall from the Sky”.
Who says that?
It falls.
And it grows on the tree!

Financial Freedom Guide


Yes, dear friends, miracles happen all the time.
It’s just about believing in them!


Turning your passion into a great opportunity with a magic touch

Close your eyes, Financial Freedom Guide
and remember some of your biggest passions.
That can be anything.
ANYTHING that drives you crazy
(of course in a positive way)

And that makes your adrenaline rush!
Something from what you wouldn’t give up!
Never in your life, no matter what!

Think about how wonderful it would be if you would turn your passion into your daily job  in your arrangement.
Now add to that amazing picture these words: BUSINESS and SUCCESS.

Financial Freedom Guide



Make your dreams come true

Picture yourself doing what you love and getting paid for it!
All that in your own time, without a boss above your head.
In other words, you’ve opened the door to one great opportunity.
This very moment you’ve got a chance to turn your passion into your income source.
To start an online business FOR FREE!

You have found your lucky charm! 

Get ready for the knowledge, tools, ideas, support, great community, a fantastic platform, fun and the most important for checking off your goals one by one! I will walk you through all of these here at My Sweet Financial Freedom which I build page by page every day all by myself.

I would like to highlight that I have had no knowledge about Word Press, marketing, and online business until I’ve found the Wealthy AffiliateAll that I know now and share with you I learned here. Everything I publish is strictly my content and design.

My website is the place where I’ve been spending most of the time since August this year. I am having much fun creating it and watching it grow bigger from day to day. My site became my friend, my soul-mate, my fellow; there are days when it behaves like my manager and teaches me a lot. Sometimes we get into some arguments, but I will tell you about that later 🙂

Overall I love it, and I hope you will enjoy it too 🙂 

I hope to see you here and will be more than happy to provide for you as many good reasons as you need to go for it and live the new Financially Free Lifestyle, and that is what you can find within the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

You are witnessing building my online business in a real time. Can’t wait to greet you from Los Angeles!
Why Los Angeles? You can find it here 🙂

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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

I would also more than appreciate your opinion and thoughts.🙂



  1. Fairweather Green says:

    nice looking site packed with information that 99.99% of people want to find. Financial Freedom – having enough money to live a fulfilling lifestyle.

    No more 9-5, 6 days a week, 48 weeks of the year.

    I do however think that if money is your only focus then you are destined to fail. Become passionate about something and that passion will turn into reward.

    • Sunny says:

      Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it 🙂
      Yes, that’s what is all about – Passion, dreams and goals + loving money = Success guarantied 🙂

    • Jojo says:

      This what I and soo many people dream of. The goal to success here is to be persistant. Keep working towards your goal and never give up. Sometimes it will be fun and easy and sometimes it will be a struggle but if you keep struggling you will make it and it will be worth it. One of the key points in succeeding is to have support and to get help when you need it. This you will find at WA, I have gotten soo much help there. Thank you for a great and inspiring site. I am happy you have been soo successful and now I will go out and do the same.

      • Sunny says:

        Hey Jojo,

        I am so happy to hear that! Thanks for your honest testimonial. Yes we are so lucky to have found this all inclusive place 🙂
        Much success to you as well 🙂


        • James says:

          I agree with Jojo.

          Persistence is the most important thing, way too many people give up before they’ve found success, and it’s so sad because sometimes they’re so close and they don’t know it.

          It takes time to create a full time income with a website, patience and determination are key!


          • Sunny says:

            Yup. Persistence is a key to success.

          • Robert says:

            This article is a great lead-in to the benefits of the Wealthy Affiliate but also in helping people understand that money is not bad. I love that concept because I think we are all too often taught to not love money for what it is, as a way of accepting not achieving greater financial success. You attack that perception head on and that is great. Money is something to love and cherish because of all the greatness it can bring to our lives. Thank you for pointing that out.

            • Sunny says:

              Hi Robert,

              I am so happy to hear that you love the concept of loving money for real 🙂
              Yes, that’s true, money is our fellow in making dreams come true!

              Thanks 🙂

            • Darren says:

              Great post. I really enjoyed reading it.

              I think the first step to success is changing your thinking. The other most important thing is belief. Without the right thinking and having a belief that you will receive what you desire and that you deserve it, none of us will really achieve what we want in life.

              I love reading posts like this as I find them inspiring. Keep up the great work.

              • Sunny says:

                Thanks Daren for your kind comment 🙂 I really appreciate that.
                And you are totally right. If we don’t change our way of thinking, nobody will. Others can only support and inspire us, but everything else is on us 🙂

              • Odd Helge Hveding says:

                Hi Sunny,

                thank you for the inspiration. It’s true what you say about the money and they also work as great tools for realizing dreams.

                Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start an online business, all the technical details sorted out nicely, gives space for planning those dreams.

                I believe in you getting yours coming true.

                Thanks again for the inspiration 🙂

                Odd Helge

                • Sunny says:

                  Thanks Odd,
                  I am doing my best to inspire people both being part of the Wealthy Affiliate or willing to join this great community.
                  And I really do believe that Financial Freedom starts with love towards money. We were taught that money is dirty and not important. I think different. Money doesn’t have all my attention but I consider it as one of my best friends 🙂

                  “Diamonds are the girl’s best friends” lol

                • Dan says:

                  Hello there Sunny. It is true that given enough passion, anyone can achieve their dreams. No on wants to work a boring 9-5 job for 40 years of their life. You seem very enthusiastic about your site. I wish you luck and plenty of success with your site. Do you have any more information about this wealthy affiliate thing?

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