At The Wealthy Affiliate

At the Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an online university for online marketing and a platform for online business. Everything you need to start your online journey, you will find right here at the Wealthy Affiliate.

However, I want to dedicate this page to a great community and networking with people from all over the World. Co-founders, Kyle and Carson, have made such a fantastic deal. They thought about everything, and mostly about each and every member’s success.

Let’s take a peek into the member’s life at the Wealthy Affiliate.


Sign up process

At the Wealthy Affiliate

To open an account you don’t need a credit card. All you need is an e-mail address.
Once you click on the link, you will open a sign-up page which looks like this. Add your information which is your name and the last name, username, and the e-mail address, and you are good to click on the green button.

At the Wealthy Affiliate

Once you are ”IN”, Kyle and Carson, owners and co-founders of the Wealthy Affiliate welcome you with a quick tour through the platform. You might want to let them show you everything; it will be easier for you later in finding tools and whatever you need.

Whether you have no clue about
an online business (like me just a while ago) or you are an expert, you will find yourself as a newbie at the Wealthy Affiliate. Don’t find that wrong; it’s an amazing feeling when people from all over the world warmly welcome you. They all will offer their help and assistance.

What is amazing here is that those two guys CEOs of this company will be right there for you to support and help you whenever you need them.


Setting up your profile

The next thing you will do is creating your profile. You will need to write a few sentences about yourself and your goals and upload one photo.

At the Wealthy AffiliateAt the Wealthy Affiliate

Many people skip this step and. Honestly, by not setting these two they miss a lot.
Which profile do you find more serious, professional and attractive,
the one 
with or without a profile photo? If you chose the one without, you are not making an unforgivable mistake.

At the Wealthy Affiliate

However, if you chose the right one you are getting accepted 100% right away!
Check this number of the followers I got on my dad’s brand new profile within first 50 minutes, from the moment I set up his profile.





Kyle and Carson had organized WA community as one huge company in which you are on your own but never alone. It looks like this. You have a problem, shout it out, at least ten members will be there right away to help out. Since I like more to show you what I am talking about, here is one example, where I had some issue, and community performed a real teamwork.

At the Wealthy AffiliateAt the Wealthy Affiliate



Networking with members in the WA is something that is not just very fun, but it is also very very useful. When you network, you are building your community within the WA. You get to:

  • Interact with amazing people
  • Read some lovely blogs and posts
  • Learn a lot
  • Get support and help
  • Follow them and be helpful too
  • Get more followers and your site’s visitors

I have some good friends within the community. I visit their site very often, leave my comments and help in their Google ranking. The same comes to me from the other side of course.



At the Wealthy Affiliate

  • Activity Dashboard
    I always start my work visiting a dashboard first. Reading peoples’ questions and answers, success stories, welcoming new members on board, is a great start. Doing this gives a fuel every time without exception. And what is the best part is that everyone cheers to other’s success! Wow! What amount of positivism! I love reading those and leaving my comments and cheering to other’s success!
  • Live Chat
    Do you have some problem, concern or issue regarding your site or lesson? Shout out! You will resolve it within a few minutes.

    Would you like to hang out with like-minded people,  give a hand and share your knowledge? Just click on a Live Chat button.
  • Site Rubix platform
    You can also give comments and feedback on other members’ sites, and earn credits for requesting the same for yours. Kyle and Carson came up with this great solution for increasing a Google rank. Here you get visitors for sure, and more you are active here, more visitors (in this case fellow members) will visit your site, and Google will like you more 🙂


Wealthy Affiliate rank

When I signed-up my ranking number was for instance 500495. That’s because every member counts. When I set up my account, that number dropped down, somewhere on 10.000 and so on. Every move and every click gets you closer to a better ranking.  Being active within the community you get to increase the WA ranking. You are wondering now what that brings to your life. Here is the answer:

  • Wealthy Affiliate Ambassadorship program has four stages:
    TOP 200

    TOP 100
    TOP 50
    TOP 25 = Ambassadors

At the Wealthy Affiliate

I was never so much after reaching an Ambassador position at the WA, but only having that goal in mind and reaching all the way to top 50 brought so much knowledge, happiness, friends, support and awareness to what I succeeded in my online life.

The most important, it brings more traffic to my site. How?
Well, when I was looking for members to follow, I went to the rank page and followed the first 200 members. In my opinion, they were ‘must follow’ because I knew that being in TOP 200 they were active. Check this conversion now.

At the Wealthy Affiliate

I am within TOP 50! What does that mean? It means that all the new people signing up at the WA will follow me, read my blogs, get attracted to my site, Google will notice that and BAM! There you go SEO!!!


Free counters!

As you can see, everything is very well organized here at the WA. Whatever you do here,  has a higher purpose for your online business. I hope you will have fun as much as I have!

If you have any questions or thoughts that you would like to share, please don’t hesitate and leave them in a comments section. I will be more than happy to get back to you!!!



  1. Grace | Work Anywhere Now says:

    Wealthy Affiliate is the best for training and the community of people! If you follow the training, you will make money online! It works.

    If you get stuck or need help, tons of members are available to help you. You don’t have to be alone in your journey. That’s what’s great about Wealthy Affiliate, you don’t have to learn alone.

    Build your success along side with others who are at your level, it’s so awesome!

    Loved this post,

    • Sunny says:

      I love your comment Grace,
      Thank you for your honest review as well 🙂
      It’s so great having you around to share some experience too.


    • James says:

      The community at Wealthy Affiliate is probably its main strength.

      Whenever I need to find something out, I can easily ask there and within minutes I have an answer.

      Asking in google or youtube can be dangerous because half the stuff there is from non experts trying to look like they are gurus.

      That’s the biggest benefit in joining WA.

      • Sunny says:

        Yup, it is. You are right. It’s good that most of the members at the Wealthy Affiliate are experts. I know one very good expert! Lol

      • Odd Helge Hveding says:

        Hi Sunny,

        it’s true, the community of great people is a wonderful inspiration. There is even more. You almost mention it, but the fact that people are sitting in their homes all over the world, chatting, helping out, working on their websites, sharing good stories and more, makes sitting alone in your own house/flat/whatever… a lot more fun. You never feel alone, and if you do, just leave a message or a question somewhere and suddenly you get some warmth from all the lovely people inside.

        It’s fun working with newbies, intermediate marketers and the experienced marketers at the same time. All those perspectives you get, and as you mention, all the knowledge about all the stuff the world can offer.

        I get excited just thinking about it, I just love it!

        Great article, as always Sunny. I’m so happy for your success 🙂

        Odd Helge

        • Sunny says:

          Thanks Odd.
          Yes, it’s amazing having your own business but with all those people “on call” for help and good vibes.
          I really feel like being a part of a great community here at the Wealthy Affiliate.

        • Jessica says:

          I cannot say enough good things about the Wealthy Affiliate community. They are so helpful and supportive as we learn and build our business! I have friends all around the world now that I met through Wealthy Affiliate!

          No matter what question or problem I may have, I can ask the wonderful community and they will help me find answers!

          The community network also helps bring traffic to our sites. There are so many benefits to being part of this group!

          • Sunny says:

            I know right?! There are so much of that Wealthy Affiliate offers. And it’s so good feeling being part of this community.
            I think that there is no place on the internet with so much to offer, especially when comes to support and positive vibes.

            Thanks for your testimony.

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