A Great Start Of An Online Business – How To Find The Perfect Niche?

The second day of my commitment to my Wealthy Affiliate journey was Wednesday, July 27th, 2016. This was the day when I realized once again in my life that everything happens for a reason and at the right time.

I wasn’t up to creating a website just for the sake of creating the website. Instead, I was questioning myself all the time:”How to find the perfect niche?” The one I would enjoy talking about. How to recognize it? 

My perfect niche

I signed up for the Wealthy Affiliate back in September 2015. when I decided to get into an online business, but I didn’t have any idea how to start at that moment. I was just around reading others’ success stories not getting into mine so much.

I was waiting for some great idea to come to my mind, while studying a positive psychology, meditating and being involved in my spiritual growth more than ever before. That great idea happened! I knew it was the right one and that all the time “waiting” was for the sake of finding a great niche for my website.

Creating a place on the internet where people can gain some positive, lovely vibe was my goal. So I decided to choose my niche based on my experience with meditations and spirituality I was learning about through my life and especially during the last ten months till that moment.

The second day of my commitment was special to me for some other reasons too:

My rank# dropped from 4616 to 3021 in one day

The ranking within the Wealthy Affiliate is important since is showing those first results of the hard work. As much you are involved with the community and the tasks as more you rank drops.

Being highly ranked in the Wealthy Affiliate means more followers who mean more friends who mean more positive vibes, more fun, more lessons learned, more help and assistance, possibly getting the ambassadorship, which leads to more followers, more friends and so on 🙂


Setting up goals

The Wealthy Affiliate training is second to none. The first lesson is all about the introduction and getting to know starting points of the online business, setting up goals and meeting Kyle (the owner and co-founder).

I set my financial and non-financial goals. Looking back now, my goals at that moment were pretty high lol


More awesomeness

I got introduced to the affiliate marketing and understood it pretty much. Kyle is just a perfect teacher. He knows how to convey his knowledge to the people. He put the theory into an awesome scheme. Take a look 🙂 

Overall this was a great day, very creative and progressive. I finished the first two lessons of the Online Entrepreneur Certification course, expanded my network, met some amazing people and once again was amazed by the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Now here is about the rest of my days of the first decade 🙂


Day 3 – Thursday, July 28th – I can, or I am doing it

On the third day of my Wealthy Affiliate commitment, I finished the lessons 3 and 4 of the Certification course, expanded my network, learned a lot and got more clear about a niche, offered my help to the folks in a live chat.
The time went by fast which was a proof of doing the right thing.

My rank number dropped to 1449.

I bought my domain www.thegoodvibesource.com and built my brand new very own website 🙂


Day 4 – Friday, July 29th – Challenge yourself, bet with a friend or do both

I made a bet with my friend that in 3 weeks starting from July 26th I was going to make my first online income. That bet motivated me to get up early and set up my website even though I was up till late working on the tasks.

I finished the tasks from the lessons 5, 6, 7, 8 of the Certification course, learned a lot about the keywords and how to search for them and set up my first three pages of The Good Vibe Source.

Very satisfied with the accomplishments, I went to sleep after a long, long working day.


Day 5 – July 30 – Level 1 of the course done!

Here is a small part of my journal from that day 🙂






This was such a great day! I was super happy with what I’ve done in a short time 🙂
Some wonderful members gave me great tips especially on my announcement about a decision to have Sundays off.

Day 6 – Day Off – July 31st

My rank number was 911 LOL

I finished the first two lessons of the second level of the course. It came to the point when I had to step away from my computer. I was stuck with writing. Couldn’t get into it. I was so disappointed, and I lost a satisfaction to continue working on tasks.

I also couldn’t figure out how to add my photo to the About me page 🙂


Day 7 – August 1st

My rank number was 735.

I fell asleep typing on my computer. I remember now how I was spending hours (all day long) every day studying about an online business and how to create it. Going through the Wealthy Affiliate tasks, reading other’s stories about success and daydreaming about my success.

Day 8 – Day OFF – August 2nd

Day 9 – Finding a way to do it – August 3rd

My rank number was 682.
I finished the lesson 3 and started the next one.
I couldn’t break through that writing block just yet.

For the first time got involved in the SiteRubix feedback platform, where is established the “pay it forward system” and in order to get some comments and feedback for your website you need to earn credits. And you earn them by commenting on others’ posts. Awesome Wealthy Affiliate feature.

Day 10 – Day OFF – August 4th

My rank number was 602! I would like to be clear about this rank number. That was my way to track my progress. It was my motivation in the very beginning of my commitment. I loved waking up in the early morning just to check my position in the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Well, dear visitors and future fellows, I hope you enjoyed reading about my first 10 days of my journey. There is much more to talk about and I am preparing for you some awesome share regarding my experience here at the Wealthy Affiliate. Stay tuned 🙂
But also feel free to leave a feedback or your comments, questions, concerns, down below in the comment section. I will be more than happy to interact with you!

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  1. Adam says:

    I like your commitment to progress! I can be too sporadic with my blogging updates, but you always seem to be doing something to move forward. I like that “Schwarzenegger” work ethic 😉 !

    I take it there’ll be a follow up to this post, as that only takes us up to August of last year.

    I was looking forward to reading more of your recommendations and tips for cruise ship entertainers re the life, and travellers in general – will you be posting on those subjects?

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

    • Sunny says:

      Thanks for stopping by Adam and for your kind post 🙂
      I like how you named my work ethic – “Schwarzenegger” lol
      There is a follow up right here, just finished it tonight At Wealthy Affiliate – The First Month Of My Commitment
      Thanks for pointing that out.

      The cruise ships recommendations will be in my niche website called Let The Sea Set You Free. I am going to get into that topic as soon as I finish my BootCamp training. I have 2 more phases (which is about 20 lessons) to go.

      Thanks again and keep in touch 🙂

    • Merry says:

      Lovely post, Sunny. I always get a smile when I read your articles. I too am in WA and loving every step. Thank you for sharing the simplicity and your progress with your readers. I am sure they are going to appreciate it. Al the best my friend

      • Sunny says:

        Thank you so much Merry 🙂
        I appreciate you a lot. I hope that my visitors will get inspired just as you do 🙂 I wish you best of luck with your Wealthy Affiliate journey dear friend 🙂

      • Andy Anderson says:

        Great post, Sunny. I too am in Wealthy Affiliate, though I don’t think I progressed as quickly as you did. Great job! I have found that a lot of it is having patience to let your website become “trusted” by Google and the other search engines. It took me a couple of months before I made my first commission.

        • Sunny says:

          Thanks Andy 🙂
          Well, I don’t know If this is fast enough, but time truly went by so fast. Someone once told me one great saying “The turtles are always the winners, with their knowledge.”

        • Leonard says:

          Hi, Sunny. I really enjoyed reading your post. You have really put in a lot of work and I can see you deeply enjoy what you do. There is nothing better than doing what you love. All the best as you pursue your dream to success