What Is The Wealthy Affiliate About – Is It About An Online Income?

wa_too_much_money_336x280Today is Day 174 since I have made a commitment to stick to my work within the Wealthy Affiliate. Ever since then I have been learning what is the Wealthy Affiliate about and sharing my experience along the way.

My Sweet Financial Freedom website was born on August 23rd and it is dedicated to this amazing platform which is all about:

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How Long Does It Take To Make Money At The Wealthy Affiliate

How long does it take to make money at the Wealthy Affiliate45, 48, 67, 98, 100, 109, 129! These numbers counted in days are the answer to the question you have just asked: “How long does it take to make money at the Wealthy Affiliate!”
On my 45th day, I earned my very first dollar online, on my 129th day I got my first premium commission 🙂

This is exactly what happened..

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How To Add An Image In The WordPress

How to add an image into the WordPressWhen I started as a Wealthy Affiliate member – student, I didn’t even know how to add an image in the WordPress even though it is a pretty simple process. Since I haven’t seen the WordPress dashboard until I signed up with the WA, everything was very complicated for me.

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The Wealthy Affiliate Is a Scam

Let me tell you right away that The Wealthy Affiliate Is a Scam is just an excellent keyword for Google ranking.
Tonight (November 25,2016) I got my Relax, and Create page ranking high in Google and wanted to share my happiness with you. Searching for the keyword related to the Wealthy Affiliate and what I have learned here, I’ve found this one with:

  • The Wealthy Affiliate Is a ScamSearches
  • Traffic 600
  • QSR 6 


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How To Improve Writing Skills

How to improve writing skillsToday I am facing a huge challenge! I am currently working on Phase 3 of the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp, lesson 6! Today’s task is called ”Power writing gone wild”. More precisely, my task is to write for 30 minutes straight and when an alarm goes off, I HAVE TO STOP and post my results in a discussion thread.

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What Is Conversations With God About

”Conversations With God” trilogy has been truly changing my life ever since I had begun listening to the words recorded on those pages and reading every single sentence with full attention.

My Wealthy Affiliate homework for today is to write a socially engaged post, and I couldn’t think of better topic than this one!

What is “Conversations with God” about and what I have remembered of reading this trilogy?

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